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  New one, bought and manufactured in Dec. 2012.   I have no reason to doubt you about the SQ variance, but it would have to be a pretty big difference to even match the Ref7.1. I had the PWD2 burned in for 500 hours and had it for almost 2 months in house. Did a lot of comparisons.   One thing I'll say is the PWD2 was super detailed and super fast. I agree that it was congested and lacking some bass (*relative* to the Ref7.1).
  Had the OR5 with all the options few months back. Like you, I found the PWD2 to improve significantly with it, especially via I2S. But, if you think the PWD2 improved that much, wait till you hear the OR5 with the Ref7.1...the difference was dramatic and it took the DAC to levels far beyond the PWD2 + OR5. I liked the Ref7.1 better even with midrange transports like the MK3 JKSPDIF, but the OR5 transforms it into a new the point that the PWD2 seems clearly...
  Browse through my previous posts (not just in this thread). I wrote some stuff on the PWD MK2 with the OR5 and MK3 JKSPDIF. Sorry, I'm a little short on time these days or I'd do it.
  They can make a pretty dramatic difference depending on the DAC. The PWD MK2 can be improved upon too. Just search around, lots of info on Head-Fi and other fora.
  DAC-dependent. With the PWD MK2, you'll barely notice a difference.
Well, the measurements I don't really trust to be honest...either that or they're being misinterpreted. The LCD2 looks like it has deeper extension than the HE6 at first glance on the graphs (Innerfidelity), but the HE6 had way more force down low. Definitely the deepest most speaker-like bass I've heard from a headphone. The LCD2 was nothing in comparison. The difference wasn't subtle.   The HE6 also scale much higher than the LCD2. If we're using these same...
  Yea. There are some things that seem pretty clear to me from our comparisons to the same reference in the PWD MK2 (2.2.0). The M7 has more detail, focus and speed but less bass and perhaps a smaller soundstage than the Ref7.1.   The Ref7.1 very clearly had more bass and a much larger soundstage than the PWD. But to be honest, it was the neutrality that I felt was most important. The PWD MK2 got a little shouty with the prominent, liquid mids at higher volumes with some...
Prep thanks for the excellent comparison. Very informative.   You already know where I stand. The Ref7.1, though not quite as detailed and super-focused as the PWD MK2 (2.2.0), I thought was better overall, especially wrt soundstage, neutrality and bass weight.
A post on this page makes it clear I don't have the M7, so I can't make any comparisons with the Ref7.1. I owned the PWD MK2 and Ref7.1 together for quite a while. The M7 sound I've gathered from others' comparisons to the Ref7.1 and PWD MK2.
  I agree ^.   But, just to clarify. IME, the Peak/Volcano easily had less bass (esp the lowest octaves) than the Beta22. I also think the HE6, LCD2 and by extension, LCD3, have more bass than the HD800. But, I've never found the Senns lacking and they remain my favourite headphones.
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