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  I don't think that's the only time the HE6 is harsh. You could just have a brightish source or inherently bright amp. Also, the HE6 is a little north of neutral as is.
Should get my PWD MK2 in a couple of weeks. Good thing is I'll be able to test out a fully loaded Empirical Off-Ramp 5 to see how much better, if at all, coax/I2S is than USB. Also wanted to compare it to the Ref7.1.
  I felt the same way before I had a good source. The T1 doesn't scale close to as well. Recabling them helped but they still couldn't match up.   They are more forgiving than the HD800 though, like the HE500 are compared to the HE6. Still, there's a large peak higher up in the treble (larger than the HD800's) that is bothersome to me on some recordings.   So after owning all of these cans, I don't think any of them are perfect. I feel I have to live with the lesser evil....
  For me, the Anax mod mostly made the HD800s worse. A good cable and good setup behind them were key factors in making the Senns amazing. Any mods I tried on them over the years improved one area at the expense of another.
  Although the HD800 are better headphones, I'd recommend the HE500 in your case. They're way more forgiving, and IMO, sound better with lower quality South Asian recordings (which seem to be widely prevalent).   The Senns won't begin to sound significantly better without a matching supporting cast, and the O2/ODAC don't fit the bill.
  It is more laid back, smoother and darker than the Treasure it replaces. The soundstage is also a bit larger, and speed + leading edge sharpness are less than the Treasure, which means a slightly softer sound, though not mushy. It's a good tube, but a sidegrade from the Treasure. Different, not better.   In my setup, I end up using the Treasure more often because of its greater speed.   My favourite tube these days is the Russian 6H8C. Its sound is closest to the...
Easy choice for me. When I had both, I thought the HD800s were clearly superior to the Beyer T1s (even after the T1s were recabled).
I emailed Kingwa and he gave me a pretty detailed response that I think is worth sharing here: (Just changed a few grammar-related things here and there).   "Dear Shahrose,   The Master 7 has a different sound from the Reference 7.1. We picked up on the advance of the ES9018, the qualities of the PCM1704, and redesigned the new DSP software to process data. The M7 overall is better than the ES9018 DAC while it retains the neutral sound of the PCM1704.   I...
  Yea, I have the V5 DSP-1 in mine. The Ref7.1 is a pretty good DAC. I don't see any reason to upgrade despite this release, now that I have a good transport feeding it.   Even still, I'd like to know the cost and difficulty of upgrading a Ref7.1 to the M7. If it's cheap and easy enough, I might just go for it anyways.
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