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  Congrats. Big step up from your current cans...   Suggestions? Start collecting funds for a source and amp.
Foobar2000 - Windows 7
  Quoting an old post, but very true. KS and WASAPI in Windows sound different too and it's clear to me. Even with lower end gear I can normally hear it.   KS sounds a bit prominent in the lower treble. WASAPI is more relaxed there. There are some subtle differences in soundstage and attack as well. I have preferred either one at different times over the years. Depends on the associated equipment.
    Bingo.     I have DHC's RS silver for the 800s. It's higher quality and way more expensive than the SD V3, but I'm not sure of the SQ difference as I haven't compared. I know RS was better than all previous silver cables I had.     Yes, the LCD-2 is (IMO wrongly) considered to have better bass by some.   Just a disclaimer BTW to have a proper source and amp before spending money on a revealing silver cable. It can make mediocre gear sound even worse.
Earlier I mentioned my findings with the SD V3 on the HE6. I wasn't waiting for burn-in, but it happened, and the HE6 have just kept sounding more and more incredible. I was switching back and forth between this and the Q-audio but the Q slowly saw less time each session. Now it's in the drawer.   Silver HE6 are now tied with the silver cabled HD800 as my favourites. These things do bass like nothing else out there, and now their speed, imaging, layering and detail...
I no longer own the 1840s even though I liked them. In fact, I thought they were among the best (overall) in their price range at their MSRP.   Anyways, some parting thoughts before I leave the thread for good. For the new folks: Listen to experienced folks. Check what people are comparing the headphones to and what they have actually owned. Check their ancillary equipment to see if they are even feeding the headphones properly. Not all opinions are equal, or atleast...
  Yea surprisingly, good quality silver made both the HD800 and HE6 better. Rock solid, tight bass, focused imaging and no more peakiness in the frequency response. Copper sounds smeared and slow in comparison, though I keep copper cables handy for when I want a relaxing/forgiving sound.
  Good to see, but yes, I bet your headphone selection plays a part...same with Solude's.
  Either the 2.0.2 or 2.0.3. You're in a good place.
  Hey prep. Which firmware does your MK2 have? I'm stuck with 2.2 unfortunately since I got a new one. Hopefully PS Audio releases different versions of the older fw's that work with new units...fingers crossed.
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