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Selling my mint condition Ciunas that I purchased new last year. I used it infrequently as it was in my second system. It's fully burned in and is in flawless condition. I bought it for $800 shipped. Selling it for $SOLD shipped in Canada/USA.   Comes with the USB charger supplied. Great DAC (I preferred it over the much more expensive PWD MK2, which I subsequently sold). But, I use the Ciunas converter/Audio-gd Ref7.1 system more (which also costs almost 4x as...
Should mention that the Ciunas DAC is decent for the price, but the Ciunas-converter with the A-gd Ref 7.1 is easily in a different league. Very noticeable improvement.
Haven't been here for a long while, but just came across your question. The Ciunas converter's the best I've heard except for the OR5 maxed. But honestly they were more different rather than better/worse. The OR5 has a larger and more focused soundstage but with less layering in terms of depth. The Ciunas has a bit more bass and it's very slightly looser (the OR5 has that last 1% of definition). Being someone who will pay for even meager returns, I felt I could enjoy the...
Price drop
Will upload by this weekend. Chips makes it sound worse than they are...a few millimetre scratches. You can see for yourself when I upload.
DairyProduce: None, I have limited time these days, and it's spent on speakers. Dynahi was my endgame headphone amp.   e19650826: Thanks, yea it's a solid amp. For more specs, check out Ti's info page on it:   GS-X knob eh? I'd have done that but too late now. It'll have to be the next owner :)
If you're referring to the actual knob, it's solid aluminum :)
Congrats Peter! Great ears have led you to a truly high-end setup.
I don't completely agree with the Stereomojo review either.   In terms of detail retrieval the Ciunas is quite good. Just short of the PWD MK2 but close enough. Dynamics are pretty good too... IMO, he's right about the bass weight being less than some of the more expensive competitors but its quality is superb. Also, I too found the lack of digital sheen right out of the box, but then I'd heard that accomplished with other sources in-house previously. Not a...
Oh and about the Ciunas converter. Time's in short supply, so I haven't had a chance to really compare. What I can safely say is that it's better than the MK3 JKSPDIF and really closes the gap between it and the OR5 maxed. The latter is still better for transient response, texture and soundstage, but IMO, not enough to warrant the $2000 extra cost.
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