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 I've bought from him several times as well and have been very happy with the results.    -Mike
That is not an opamp. Many chips can come in a DIP8 package. That chip appears to be a serial EEPROM.
 +1  - I think the myth about tubes comes from the very true direction not to get skin oils on high temperature bulbs like projector laps, halogen bulbs, etc. In that case, the glass envelope gets so hot that it can interact with the oils to increase the temperature enough where it can crack/fail.   The replacement lamps for my home theater projector come with a set of thin cotton gloves similar to what's used in photo labs to keep fingerprints off of photo prints.  Makes...
 There are no views of the values on the caps in those photos.  However, even if there were - don't trust generic internal shots.  Open it up and check for yourself.
 Not sure if it's specifically the US model, or it's just that there was a component change somewhere along the way so that some have 330uF, some have 470uF.    Hard to know for sure without confirmation from Aune.
 Tubes need a bit of time for the heaters to warm up enough to become operational, so the T1 has a built-in delay to account for that.
 There's discussion all over the place about them.  One example - many Lyr owners consider them mandatory, given that the stock Lyr configuration has the tubes sitting very low in the amp.  Raising them up not only makes them easier to swap/roll, it helps both the tubes and the amp run cooler.  I actually use two savers per socket in my Lyr as I prefer the tubes to be up and out of the chassis, and there is no degradation in sound.  I also use them on my tube tester - I'd...
  1969 Amperex 6DJ8 / GAC, dimple disc getter, single post support... Herleen, 4th week of September, 1969 mfg. Section matched < 2.3% difference in Gm, < 1% difference in Mu (Gain).  I have 2-3 matched pairs left of the GAC coded 1969s, I don't think I have any singles left, I'd have to check.     -Mike
 Rob, Yes, the Panasonic caps will be just fine in the power path. If you bought the other caps from headfishop, they are in China.... so it could take a while for anything ordered to get here.   -Mike
I've got to agree 100% with lwrs10 on this regarding the prominence of fake caps (and many other parts out there) coming out of China.   He is also correct that Elna caps will have the series name printed on them.   Rob - the top two photos you're using to represent "real" Elna caps are from Web shops in China.   Compare the caps against Elna's own spec sheets.   In many cases, fake caps do indeed weigh less than their real counterparts, due to cheaper and/or less...
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