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 https://www.audinate.com/about/news-activity/press/audinate-announces-availability-firmware-update-support-aes67   Date + aes67.
 Dante has quite a bit of support in the pro audio world. I need to do some research on the AES bridges and if I can find one that isn't ridiculously expensive I am going to give it a try. 
 From the first post - no hardware required on the computer to send the audio channels Ethernet using Dante - just a driver...  it looks like since that article was written, the driver has been updated to support 24/192, and it's certainly cheap enough. $29.99 or $3.95 for a temporary license to test.  It just needs the hardware on the other end to bridge it to AES.
 The ASIC is just an application specific chip that handles the functions of the device. The Startech appears to be the same device as the OEM device that PS Audio is using as well, so it should handle audio. Yeah, like I had mentioned, since the non-Ethernet devices can transmit / receive in whatever format they'd like over the pairs in the cable, it is likely that the isolation device not only won't work, but could be damaged. Personally I'd be hesitant to plug it into...
 http://voxcaliber.com/is-dante-the-future-no-64-channel-digital-audio-over-ethernet-is-already-here/ Older article, but still interesting. I also came across this - which is only shown feeding their own products, but if it's outputting AES I would think it could feed a DAC. https://www.k-array.com/en/kdante.html# -- Edit - looks like it only supports 24/96 max for that KDante bridge.
 There's no reason they would to TCP/IP if they're not part of a network - they would just transmit the USB signal over twisted pair cabling. The power on the receiving end does not necessarily indicate that there is no power transmitting over the Cat5/6 cable. It could mean that they need something other than the supplied USB power to run the receiver and power it's electronics.
Quick update on the F1   Almost 6 days in and zero sync issues/disconnects. Even if it sounded exactly the same as the built-in USB on my DAC, that would make me happy enough to have bought one.     At this point I think it has around 130 hours on it, playing almost continuously. I've stopped bothering with A/B against the DAC's built-in USB for the most part, the F-1 is sticking around. My earlier impressions continue to hold - everything seems a bit more dynamic and...
 I think that post is also using the word "Ethernet" to describe extenders that just extend USB over "Ethernet" cables - not an extender that has to adhere to the Ethernet standard and transmits just the data over standard 10/100 or GigE networks.  It's unfortunate that the marketing copy for these products isn't more clear about that, as it can be confusing for someone who isn't familiar with the difference. Despite the warning sticker on the Extron extender that you...
 You can use STP - technically it will work, but if your goal is complete isolation, then use UTP as only the data lines are transformer coupled. Maybe STP + the isolation box you picked up would do the same thing, but without seeing exactly how that box works I'm not sure what it's doing.
 Offhand, I don't remember - I used the same value as the stock pot. You have to clip out the section of the board that houses the pot... I did that, then sanded down the edges, made jumpers out of some of the heavier capacitor leads from the upgraded caps I installed. It already has pads sized for the Blue Velvet pot, so that part is simple. It's been a while since I installed it, but iirc, I mounted it to the small board, mounted the jumpers to that, fit it to get the...
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