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 Will do... I do have the II version. The ability to test 4 at once is one of my favorite features, really makes going through a batch of tubes and matching them up a lot less time consuming.-Mike
 That's the tester I have... it's excellent.-Mike
 Yep, sorry, that's what I was referring to... that's what I get for replying and not paying attention while I'm watching football. :-)-Mike
 They don't both look like 62s, either - unless it's just the photo. One of those tubes has a large halo getter, the other has a small halo getter, both would be the same size (large) if they were 1962.-Mike
 If you're referring to my comments about hesitating on purchasing from them, it wasn't due to authenticity of the tubes - though I would always double check that - it was due to negative reviews of the company itself that I found here and elsewhere online. I was looking for 16 tubes (2x 8-tube sets for my BAT preamp). but dropping that much money after the reviews I read wasn't worth the potential risk to me. I probably would have bitten if I was just picking up a...
I almost bought a few pairs of the Teles from dbtubes, but I've been hesitating after reading reviews on them. (Dbtubes, not the telefunkens)-Mike
 I haven't tried the CV5331s, they would definitely be interesting to check out. The ones on eBay appear to be early 70s, A-Frame. For ECC189s I see a couple of early 70s pairs and a pair of late 60s Philips on there. I can check to see what I have if you're interested, I might still have some early to mid 60s left. I've also got some Siemens labeled ECC189s that from what I can tell are rebranded 6N23Ps that I've had very good luck with.-Mike
 Based on the Web site, it sounds like even after the beta, these will be built when ordered and not on the shelf. From the Ragnarok page:"Status: Built and qualified to order after public beta is complete. Orders placed after the public beta will ship in 2-3 working weeks"-Mike
 I've got quite a few ECC189/6ES8 that sound every bit as good as their ECC88 counterparts from the same period/factories, and they were nowhere near the price of the ECC88s. A few that stand out are the late 50s D-getters and early 60's large halo getters from Herleen (Amperex, GE, RCA), early 60s made by Siemens in West Germany (most of those that I have are RCA branded), early/mid 60s from Blackburn (most labeled GE or RCA) and a few early 60s that I have that were...
 I've bought from him several times as well and have been very happy with the results.    -Mike
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