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 If you're referring to my comments about hesitating on purchasing from them, it wasn't due to authenticity of the tubes - though I would always double check that - it was due to negative reviews of the company itself that I found here and elsewhere online. I was looking for 16 tubes (2x 8-tube sets for my BAT preamp). but dropping that much money after the reviews I read wasn't worth the potential risk to me. I probably would have bitten if I was just picking up a...
I almost bought a few pairs of the Teles from dbtubes, but I've been hesitating after reading reviews on them. (Dbtubes, not the telefunkens)-Mike
 I haven't tried the CV5331s, they would definitely be interesting to check out. The ones on eBay appear to be early 70s, A-Frame. For ECC189s I see a couple of early 70s pairs and a pair of late 60s Philips on there. I can check to see what I have if you're interested, I might still have some early to mid 60s left. I've also got some Siemens labeled ECC189s that from what I can tell are rebranded 6N23Ps that I've had very good luck with.-Mike
 Based on the Web site, it sounds like even after the beta, these will be built when ordered and not on the shelf. From the Ragnarok page:"Status: Built and qualified to order after public beta is complete. Orders placed after the public beta will ship in 2-3 working weeks"-Mike
 I've got quite a few ECC189/6ES8 that sound every bit as good as their ECC88 counterparts from the same period/factories, and they were nowhere near the price of the ECC88s. A few that stand out are the late 50s D-getters and early 60's large halo getters from Herleen (Amperex, GE, RCA), early 60s made by Siemens in West Germany (most of those that I have are RCA branded), early/mid 60s from Blackburn (most labeled GE or RCA) and a few early 60s that I have that were...
 I've bought from him several times as well and have been very happy with the results.    -Mike
That is not an opamp. Many chips can come in a DIP8 package. That chip appears to be a serial EEPROM.
 +1  - I think the myth about tubes comes from the very true direction not to get skin oils on high temperature bulbs like projector laps, halogen bulbs, etc. In that case, the glass envelope gets so hot that it can interact with the oils to increase the temperature enough where it can crack/fail.   The replacement lamps for my home theater projector come with a set of thin cotton gloves similar to what's used in photo labs to keep fingerprints off of photo prints.  Makes...
 There are no views of the values on the caps in those photos.  However, even if there were - don't trust generic internal shots.  Open it up and check for yourself.
 Not sure if it's specifically the US model, or it's just that there was a component change somewhere along the way so that some have 330uF, some have 470uF.    Hard to know for sure without confirmation from Aune.
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