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 Is it?  When you start looking at the additional cables, tweaks, power supplies, filters, LAN extender and whatever else people are piling on to their USB chains, it's not necessarily more expensive.
  Take everything you like about the Source and just magnify it. Imaging, detail, clarity, depth, width, layering of instruments, tonality, etc.  Sounds best through the AES input - I'm running Audio over IP to it via Dante, with a Focusrite D16 as the Dante receiver and AES out of that into the Convert-2, then using the Convert-2's clock as a master clock for the whole thing.
Another source for those of you looking to rack up the Rednet boxes.... http://nice-racks.com/   I've got two racks from him and they're very nice. I don't think he's been in the best of health, so he's only taking orders by request. His prices are very good considering it's all custom work.
 It does not - you need to either buy or make one.
 I don't see where there would be. If it's working, the data is getting from point a to point b fully intact. There is no tweaking needed to change that fact if it's already getting there with no packet drops or errors. People have reported cable changes having little to no effect even when trying optical conversion. It's already isolated at both ends. Checksums ensure the integrity of the data. What else would you be expecting to happen with changing network settings?
 Even direct-connected, it is isolated... the NIC at the PC end has a transformer as does the port at the D3/D16, so you're still getting the benefit of that.
 Like anything, it depends on the gear/manufacturer.  There are good and bad in just as there are on the consumer side.
 This gear is designed and built to use in environments where the potential for noise and interference is far beyond anything you'll encounter in a consumer/home setting. Think of the number of components that might be in a recording studio - they're racked up, in close proximity, tons of cables, long runs, potentially sharing the network with many other devices and running many more channels of audio than we're using. The fact that it's barely if even at all affected by...
 I've got to agree. While ultimately I preferred the sound of the Dangerous DAC, the Yggy is a great product and built like a tank. I've previously owned a Gungnir, Bifrost and Modi and all have worked flawlessly as have the various Schiit amps I've owned. When they have had product issues, they are up front about letting people know and doing the right thing to get them resolved. While I agree that we all have a choice and should explore options, I don't think it's a fair...
  Great find/research. Based on how responsive Focusrite has been so far, hopefully they can fix this easily in a firmware update for those having issues with it.
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