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 I recently picked up a pair of Beyer DT-1990s... great pairing with the MJ2 - between the two different sounding sets of earpads they include and rolling tubes on the amp, you can really dial it in to what you prefer for sound.
 I'm sure that over the next few weeks someone will be able to post comparisons, but right now the Freya hasn't quite started shipping yet.  
 For now at least, my chain will be PC <-Ethernet-> Focusrite Rednet D16 --AES3-> Dangerous Convert-2 -> Passive XLR switch ->Freya, Mjolnir 2, BAT VK-5i.  From there, the MJ2 will be dedicated for headphones, the Freya and BAT will slug it out to decide which stays in this system and which moves to a bedroom system.  Both systems are using Crown XLS amps (don't knock them until you've tried them), and out to either a Mini Maggie system + Velodyne FSR-18 in the main system...
 Nice!. Ordered... Merry Christmas to me... from me.  Hah.
Here's the info on the other product I mentioned, it's by Atterotech, called the UNDAES-O Dante AES Tx interface.   A review: http://www.head-fi.org/products/atterotech-undaes-o-dante-aes-tx-interface
 AFAIK, the AM2 is just a headphone amp, there is no digital out to the DAC. There is another product that provides Dante connectivity at up to 96KHz that is around $700 - it's been discussed in the big AOIP thread - I don't recall the name offhand but I can check. Reports are that it sounds just as good as the RN3 and D16 at 96KHz.  
The D16 is not cheap by any stretch, but there are also USB chains out there that are more expensive still. There can be a little bit of complexity in terms of setting up the software, but if you do hit any snags the thread here now has quite a few members that are running Dante / Focusrite Rednet setups that can help. You can use a Rednet 3 or D16, either of which will do the job. The RN3 is larger, and requires a breakout cable to get AES out, but is significantly...
  This reminds me of the time many years ago when I got a complaint from a co-worker via our HR person about the "dangerous" desk fan I had.  I'd taken a small 120mm quiet PC fan, put grills on it and mounted it on a bracket because it would get pretty warm in the office and I didn't want to bother anyone else with a bigger fan. She had apparently gone over to my desk, turned it on, wedged her finger in between the grate and the edge of the fan and got a finger nicked from...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Assembled-Special-Linear-Power-supply-board-for-update-OPPO-103-103D-PSU-/322268439445   Found these on eBay - they have the +/- 15v and +5v output... might be worth checking out and it looks like it might fit in the case.
 I've heard quite a few USB chains... "ultimate" is kind of subjective. I'm also not the only one by far in the thread who previously used USB and has since moved over to this after experiencing the differences. I'm not stating any of this with any ill intent or angry tone - just pointing out that to simply come in here and say you doubt it could change your mind without giving it a shot doesn't add anything to the discussion. Find a way to hear it... then compare. It's...
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