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 Interesting point. I may be wrong, not the resident techie by any stretch of imagination, but I think from pix and diagrams it seems that Sony had, unlike AK or Venturecraft, had completely independent circuitory for SE and balanced beyond the DAC part. My layman's understanding -AK (except AK70): dual DAC, each DAC leading into independent amp sections - SE using one of those two routes while Balanced using bothValoq: single DAC, DAC leading into 2 independent amp...
 TBH haven't tried on the hugo so maybe you could try for yourself. With the 380Cu/Amp balanced, the bass is a bit wooly and overwhelming at times while the mids are kinda thin. Haven't try that on SE.
   Agree with gerelmx1986 in the context of pairing with the 1A. Basically I dun like the Z5 paired with anything else, but with the 1A/1Z it's almost too good to be true. Big soundstage and superb separation yes, but also with a organic and moderately focused vocal range and lots of air. Paired with anything else the mids are rather thin-sounding, but with the 1A/1Z especially when balanced it certainly hits the sweetspot.
 I see, thanks~ Sometimes I do wonder what is the sonical advantage of having gold plating to wires in cables (there's some certain well established cable maker who totally detest this idea you know).........For one I do like how both the GPS and GPC sounds (I do have a 4 wire GPC cable as well). I heard that the signal actually transmits near the surface of the wire/cable..............so is the gold or the silver or both responsible for the main transmission tasks? And is...
BTW the more I listen to the Vega, and the more I get to appreciate its otherworldly qualities in its sound, I wonder more and more about its internals and chamber design.   Yes we all know about the ADLC coated diaphram and the liquid metal alloy shell.............But is that all to the magic? Zillions of dynamic iems had been designed and in production over the last 10 to 20 years and what makes the Vega still managed to be so outstanding and achieved a sound no one...
 Somehow got lucky and managed to catch the last of a rare batch of stock at the local store...................apparently lead time between (small) batches is ~3 months according to the store guys
first time I did the unthinkable - got a Plussound GPS X8 for the Vega, cable costing bit more than the iems.....................but O that sound, and that looks (found Vega's color and looks a tad boring TBH). Now the whole set screams "geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek" :)
I hv purchased a pretty blingy x8 gold plated silver to go with my vega, wonderful pair. Just wondering about the "silver fiber" splitter.........whats that made of, carbon fiber or some silver for real? Glad if I could know the answer to that. Of cos either way it must be one of the coolest cable splitter on the market
 Well said, almost same case here: bought both when released, also prefer the 1A, also found 1Z missing details (still at a good level tho) and the sound sig not my cuppa tea, also sold my AK380cu+AMP to make way for it, and sold 1Z in the end (the weight of 1Z is one serious deal breaker).
 U are so right there, can't believe I forgot mine was plugged-in. Have been doing AIFFs in the past year or so so probably forgot the basics.
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