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 I almost exclusively use my Empire Ears Zeus-R and Kumitate Trio with the Valoq. With these I haven't wandered into any head-fi stores for weeks (except receiving my Mojo+AK70 as my no.2 system - Valoq is no.1). Big deal.
Maybe you should save it for the gaudy red or banana yellow limited edition Valoq.....
 The balance out being not much different from the single end is a true blessing. It simply means the single end output is done right and done well - such is definitely the case in the Valoq. On the contrary on my AK380cu the single end is done pretty much better than the balanced, while with the AK amp the balanced is very noticeably better than the single end. This really should not happen if both the single end and balanced are well done - it is the same player after all.
 Q: Does anyone here think there is no difference between Ak380cu and stock?A: I personally was inclined to get the black.......................until I AB the regular and the Cu. Don't ask me why the Cu just sound fuller and a tad more revealing. Some say the cu sounds warmer than other versions but to me warmth is more or less the same across the versions Q: Does anyone think there is no benefit to the amp when using iems?A: Me. Or just the shoulder pain associated with...
Mine is better than that but not that much better. The pure silver surface is soft and very easily scratched (even by the mesh or by the plug in its own case) but I think mine looks great even with the tiny scratches.
I have the AK380cu and the Valoq 627SM Limited as my portable lineup. While admittedly the design of the Valoq means it's not the most quiet of players, on portable usage especially in noisy cities and subways it doesn't matter much in terms of sound quality really. What's fascinating about it is even with the occasional pops and a tiny bit of background hiss, it sounds even more transparent than the almighty AK380 at times. IMHO SQ-wise the Valoq even paired with lesser...
@musiclvr It's the 150 pieces brass LE
Enjoying the heck out of this. Excellent tonality and wonders how they manage this level of details in a single DD.
 It is not surprising considering the terribly low production rate of their tiny workshop - heard it's around 10 trios per month and that's when they have extra time over their cm production. To get them, besides dough what one needs most is LUCK. Mine should have been well burnt in now.............funny as it become more mature, the bass becomes tighter and exponentially lighter...........I have to turn up the bass knob for two notches since getting them. Balanced and out...
 I can assure you when i said hybrid above in my post i was thinking mostly about the kumitate trio. it sounds great balanced with or without the amp.
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