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 Should be fine, but you better try. Whether it is 2.5mm trrs doesn't matter - it's the MMCX connector on the other side of the cable that matters. Z5 has a recessed socket but the "socket guard" is pretty wide in diameter and should be quite forthcoming for 3rd party MMCX male connectors.
 You may get different answers from different me each and every of fitear's cables are well made and does nothing wrong sonically and the newer cables (006 and  007) are less microphonic and more flexible, so yes I'd say its worth it (taking costs into consideration as well). Not sure in other parts of the world but here at where I am the fitear cables cost way less than non-Chinese branded 3rd party cables. I have 3rd party fitear cables but I keep...
 I sooooooooooooo need this case so you can imagine I'm sooooooooooo deeply saddened to find out this is yet another teaser..................*sob*
 Now that you mentioned it - I think my 335 WAS completely solid-filled but I had also suspected (but still can't be sure just from visual inspection) that when my 335 came back from getting its SR treatment part of the solid acrylic near the back panel (as you have mentioned) had been removed. So you are probably right about the SR being partially filled.
   Solid filled acrylic are as brittle as they are hard. So they won't break for no reason (sth like a knock) like other thin acrylic shells do, but with hard impact (a drop) it will readily give way. It's always painful to see sth like this happens..................but I'm sure Fitear can get this well covered. Better send back for repair than just glue it yourself IMHO.
 Only problem I have encountered is the clearance of the lightning plug on the cipher cable for iphone cases is too shallow and the connection is a bit loose..............If used with an ipad and not walking around then it's probably alright, but if one plans to use with iphone while walking around like me then that is something to consider.
Anyone tried aftermarket cables on the iSines yet?   I've plugged in my Twau 3.5 but heard no obvious change in sound quality, except I could achieve the same volume as the stock pairing with maybe 2 notches down from the player. I just hope the polarity of the 2 pins / sockets on the driver side are in the conventional alighment. Aesthetically they are a perfect match tho. Not sure what to make of the stock cable, except I am not particularly keen on flat cables and it...
 Firmware does nothing to the headphone unit but does a lot to the DSP stuff in the cipher cable. Just plug into some idevice and the ONLY function of the Audeze app, besides the EQing, is firmware upgrade on the cipher. BTW the latest firmware should be 0.3.9 for the Sine
 Same here. My Kimber got the worst mmcx male I've ever encountered. Sonically it's great and the 4.4 plus is very nicely done, but the left side mmcx became loose on every mmcx female socket I got. It still works, but have to be super careful and the slightest unintentional pulling force applied would have knocked the earpiece off. Funny the other side is holding up pretty well.
 @Audeze the balanced 2.5 is definitely one thing to contemplate, and @Audeze the other thing is a MUCH MORE GENEROUS CLEARANCE at the lightning plug on the cipher cable to cater for iphone cases / more recessed sockets. My cipher cable cannot be securely plugged in even with the thinnest of my collection of iphone cases - it works, but not secure at all and falls off now and then. A huge bummer really.
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