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 Well, yes or no. Many doesn't really consider the Ed8 and Ed5 portable at all (myself included) so the EdM is THE flagship portable headphones of Ultrasone right now.
Both the EdM and the Go are available now in Hong Kong..........probably Japan as well. Both look real promising. Despite the full metallic construction, the EdM weighs like a feather. Incredible engineering.
I'm pairing my Lyra with Venturecraft 6N balanced cable. Before I was using ALO Copper 22 - sounds a bit fuller with a sharper edge with the Lyra than the SXC during my audition with both. But the Venturecraft is softer and wins in ease of use, and the sound sits somewhere midway between the SXC and the Cu22.
Tried the fitear fitear with the new 006B balanced cable. Besides looking wonderful with the Nakamura plug, the sound now comes with more flesh and the bass becomes a bit more solid.
  I had shone a light into it and saw 2 that looks like those dual-driver assembly from Sonion. The Parterres body are made with the translucent blue acrylic common with the TG334 that you can actually see the innards without too much hassle. I really wanted to know more info about the fitear offerings - the new Aya and fitear fitear are 3D printed, which means they are completely solid-colored and you won't be able to see the innards even under a spotlight.
 Actually I have been pairing my K10U with linum music cable (not BaX, as somehow I think the Music suits the K10 more) and it's a fantastic combo. IT really makes one rethink why you need XX-guage 100 conductors cable that weighs a ton and looks like a water pipe. Before that I have paired my K10U with the Twau, Twag3 Litz, Noble's own GITD cable and Plussound X6 Tri-metal, and I love the Linum most BUT not for sound quality reasons - All the mentioned cable including the...
 How I'd wish my K10U would look like this....................
Wondering if the Lyra is now widely available on States side or in Europe? Bit quiet across the www and on head-fi about these babes...........they are certainly at least on the same level with the much loved JVC FX850/1100/1200 family (though the Lyra being a fair bit more expensive) - these together with the Lyra are all the very best dynamic iems out there. The Lyra is actually a bit more balanced than the JVC woodies........less bass oomph in return for very nice bass...
I'm never too convinced about using iems on balanced output from AK sources but the Lyra is one of the few iems that I found to perform superbly from my balanced AK120ii such that it very much exceeds its single end performance .
Didn't realise there's a wiki definition of sub bass XD at least it coincides with what is discussed here
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