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I didn't experience a problem with the AK100 freezing or recognizing my 64GB microSD cards. However, I didn't change out the cards very often. Auto library scan sucks on both models, so I just turned it off and do a manual scan whenever I load new music (which is rarely as I can now fit my entire music collection on the AK120).
What specific bugs are you referring to?
I've had both the AK100 and AK120. The UI is identical, but the AK120 seems more responsive. Maybe it has a faster microprocessor?
If you always want to use the line out, just turn the volume wheel up to max and leave it there.
Sale is pending.
For sale is an iRiver Astell & Kern AK100 audio player with only partial functionality. Analog audio output from the headphone jack is dead, but everything else works perfectly, including the optical output. That makes it a perfect unit to use in a CEntrace Glove Audio A1. (I don't own an A1, but using a CEntrance DACmini, I have confirmed that the optical output works normally when a TOSLINK mini plug is inserted into the output jack. One of the photos shows the red LED...
Isolation is a function of two factors: correct seal of the ear tips; and selection of ear tips. Foam tips usually isolate better than silicone or rubber tips. For me, the black olive tips have the best combination of comfort and isolation, but YEMV.
I bought one of those same cables. The build quality is very nice, but the sound quality is a noticeable step down from the stock cable.
If money is no issue: AK240
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