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Welcome to the ESW9 fan club.
The spec I've seen doesn't distinguish between fixed and variable output. (Is there a spec specifically for the variable output?) Given that analog volume knobs (potentiometers) work by attenuation, how/why would variable output of the device exceed its fixed output level? Do you believe that CEntrance actually boosts the output amplification level for the RCAs when they do the variable output mod?
The specs for DACmini say the RCA output level is about +6dBV. According to this calculator, that's 1.99 Vrms. With my amp and speakers, the volume knob range seems normal, typically between about 8 and 12 o'clock on the knob.
Shure doesn't use oxygen-free copper (OFC) on a $500 product?
I use the variable output on mine to drive a tube power amp (for speakers). I paid a lot more than $399 for my DACmini, and as much as I love it, $99 seems like way too high a price to charge for the variable output mod. IMO, CEntrance should just make fixed vs. variable output user selectable, for example by changing a jumper on a board. Benchmark has that on some of its headphone amps/DACs. Not only would that save buyers money, more importantly it would give them...
 Thanks. That comparison is quite useful.
 Can you (or anyone else) post pictures comparing the old swivel pieces to the newer design?
I agree with Armaegis that the problem is likely due to USB quirkiness with a connected PC. Check the manual for your motherboard to see if there are BIOS settings that impact USB behavior.
I can understand painting the HD540, but painting the AKG K1000 would be sacrilege . In any case, the red plastic covering on the K1000 metal headband is like Teflon. Paint won't stick to it, although you can cut it and remove it if you're really really careful with an X-Acto knife. And to paint the K1000 metal mesh grills, you would have to remove them from the driver assemblies, which is possible but very difficult (certainly nowhere near as easy as snapping apart a...
One of these AC receptacle testers is a handy to have around. Of course it is not a substitute for a qualified electrician, but it can help diagnose some common problems with AC outlet wiring.
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