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The battery is easy to remove. You just peel it out, pop the connection clip, then remove a couple of screw to extract the metal shield plate. Once I got that far, though, I realized just how tiny the components are on the circuit board. (You don't get a good sense of that looking at the photos online.) To give you an idea, the smallest tip I have for my soldering iron is 0.79 millimeters, and that's bigger than the size of the surface mount pads on the board. So I decided...
What's the price?
Out of curiousity, are you playing hi-res files or 16-44 CD quality? It's possible the Bluetooth A2DP codec gets mucked up when playing hi-res, and the AK100 might be transmitting audio over Bluetooth when connected, even if it's connected to a non-audio device. You might try temporarily removing the volume knob protector just to see if it's the cause. No point in chasing around other possibilities if that's it.
  Hey guys,I can confirm that the suction cup method works for removing the back (after extracting the Torx T4 screws, of course). I used a suction cup about 1.5" diameter, and I didn't even need to use a hair dryer to heat up the player.
The transducers in the HD580/600 are not physically compatible with the HD540/560. In the 580/600, the transducer is in a removable capsule that inserts into the oval frame. In the 540/560, the transducer is permanently fused into the round frame. There is no way to extract the 540/560 transducer from the frame without destroying it. Here's a pic of an HD540 II assembly.
Please let us know if you're able to get the back off. I'm considering doing the mod also.
You should be able to test the existing cable with a multimeter, then match that.
Perhaps a suction cup?
 As a former owner of the AKG K1000 and current owner of several HD540II, I can appreciate your opinion of the K1000. I agree that its sound is in a league of its own, but I just couldn't get over the physical unwieldiness wearing them while doing anything other than sitting perfectly still and listening. I've owned many high end headphones over the years, and for me, the HD540II remains the best combination of sound quality and wearing comfort, despite being relatively...
No "supposedly" about it. There are many fake ESW9s on the market, particularly on eBay. Unless you really trust a particular seller, be very wary of buying one from anyone other than an authorized A-T dealer.
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