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My desktop amps are neither big, nor clunky, but they sound fabulous. I have yet to hear a portable amp that I like the sound of better than my CEntrance DACmini driving HiFiMan HE-560. The actual issue for me isn't impedance, it's sensitivity. The HiFiMan planar magnetic phones are somewhat unusual in that they're 45 ohms impedance, but have very low sensitivity of only 90db, so they're quite power hungry. I now see that the Fostex TH-X00 are rated at 94db sensitivity,...
I'd be more inclined to buy these if they were higher impedance. I have no intention of ever taking phones like these on the go, and I can barely crack the volume knob on my desktop amps when using low impedance phones.
The e18 routinely sells for $159 at online retailers, so you're basically getting the ex1 for an extra $20. The ex1 sells for $69 everywhere, so you're saving about $50 on this deal.
I just purchased an HE-560, and I can confirm that it uses mini-TRS (2.5mm) connectors into the earcups, which was a welcome surprise. What's a bit odd is that each of the left and right cable plugs is a stereo plug (three conductor), even though only two of the conductors are used. And yep, it's the leatherette style box rather than the wood box. It's still a very nice box, and I only expect to use it on rare occasions, so it's not a big deal, but it's not as classy as a...
You might try the small size of the Comply.
I removed the yellow damping pad and replaced it with a small wad of polyester speaker stuffing material. I have multiple pairs of ESW9, so I could do a direct comparison of stock vs. modded, and this change definitely cleaned up the bass. Just be sure not to overstuff the ear cup, you only need a loose wad of stuffing.
PM sent.
When you plug a Mini Toslink cable into the AK's output jack and turn on the AK, do you see any red light coming out the other end of the cable? The AK only turns on the optical emitter when it detects a Mini Tosklink connector is inserted. You can always try another cable to see if the Mini Toslink plug/cable is somehow faulty.
This stuff from Radio Shack also works well for cleaning dirty volume pots, and you might be able to find it locally.
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