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 One of the challenges comparing the K1000 to any other headphone is that it needs different amplification, which inherently adds another major variable. In that regards, you might find my lengthy write-up in this old thread interesting, comparing a K1000 system against an HD580 system. (When I say "old thread", I mean old thread: 2003.) photos are long gone, but all the text...
300 vs. 600 is stamped into the driver frame of the HD540. It's small and hard to see, but if you pull off the earpads and the thin foam, you can see this: 
 That's not the spare driver that I sold you, is it?
 Since Sennheiser still sells spare parts for numerous old models, I suspect the reason they stopped selling the HD540 parts is that they no longer have the molds/tooling or some other critical piece of equipment. I can't think of a logical reason they would intentionally decide to stop the production, unless it was "Let's can the spare parts for the HD540 line so that users can't compare it favorably to the HD800..."   Every hard core Head-Fier should try the AKG K1000.
 That even looks like it has the original earpads with the top surface still intact. Nice find.
The above plug is also available on eBay:
 In this old thread, post #8 shows the back of the HD540 II and HD560 pads side-by-side, and post #13 shows a 540 ring transplanted into a 560 pad. Regarding the backing plastic on the HD560 velour mentioned by o0CosmoMemory0o, note in the post #8 photo that the 560 pad has extra plastic around its earhole that's not in the HD540 pad. If you're really careful, you can remove a couple of millimeters of this innermost plastic ring (NOT the mounting ring!) with a Dremel tool,...
I agree... as long as you don't mind the screaming yellow color.
Regarding the headband cushion, I plan to find a strip of black full-grain leather and cut it to match the shape of the original, then add some foam cushioning. (It's easy to disassemble the headband and install a new piece.)
Did you make that comparison using the exact same cable? My experience is that the 540 model line is extremely sensitive to cable changes. (If anyone doubts that cables can make an audible difference, a 540 is the headphone to demonstrate.)
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