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One of these AC receptacle testers is a handy to have around. Of course it is not a substitute for a qualified electrician, but it can help diagnose some common problems with AC outlet wiring.
  Those are about as genuine as all the counterfeit The Beatles in Mono box sets for sale cheap on eBay.
If you plug the AC adapter into the power line before it's plugged into the CEntrance, does the breaker trip, or does it only trip when power gets into the CEntrance?
Cleaning sponges are only soft when they're wet (or at least damp). When they're dry, they get hard. No way they'll be suitable replacements for earpad foams. If you plan to DIY earpads, why not just buy a bulk piece of furniture grade foam rubber and cut it yourself. See, for example, where you can get a large piece for a couple of bucks. Or you can walk in to a home furnishing store (e.g. Home Goods) and buy a chair cushion that you can gut for the foam.
+1 from me. I think the single most important part to bring back is the earpads, since it's normal for those to wear out.
Just to clarify, none of these cables have copper ends. They either have nickel (silver color) or gold plating. The copper vs. steel that people mentioned refers to the internal wiring. Actual copper and silver are rarely used for cable ends because they tarnish easily.
 My experience has been very different than yours. I've owned three HD540 I (which came with steel cables) and four HD540 II (which came with copper cables). I've tried these headphones with at least half a dozen sources, including both tube and solid state amps. In every instance using either of the stock cables on either model of headphone, I found the steel cable to sound too harsh, and in every instance, I preferred the sound using the copper cable. I've also used...
In my experience with the D2000 mod, Dynamat only added harshness when it was used on the front of the driver.
 One of the challenges comparing the K1000 to any other headphone is that it needs different amplification, which inherently adds another major variable. In that regards, you might find my lengthy write-up in this old thread interesting, comparing a K1000 system against an HD580 system. (When I say "old thread", I mean old thread: 2003.) photos are long gone, but all the text...
300 vs. 600 is stamped into the driver frame of the HD540. It's small and hard to see, but if you pull off the earpads and the thin foam, you can see this: 
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