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You've got a pm.
Welcome to the Sennheiser Oligarch®
What color is it and is the leather case included? Thanks!
pm sent.
Hello James,   If the cable is 10 feet I'd be happy to buy it for USD 165 plus USD 20 for tracked shipping to Switzerland - provided you'd agree to declare a value of only USD 39. If it's only 8 feet, I'd ask you about a possible slightly lower price.   Thanks, Urs
pm sent.
It's actually pretty clear but just to be 100% sure: This ad is for a single pad, not a pair, isn't it?
USD 190 to 210 seems reasonable to me. Good luck with the sale!
Has anyone tried the Pico Power with a HE5LE? The otherwise pretty good Leckerton UHA6S has a hard time driving it. The result is far from being convincing. An old AD8620 based Shellbrook Minihead Sig with a seriously high gain does a much better job. Now I hope the PP will be even better.
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