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the buyer is from Hongkong
Quote: Originally Posted by arnaud I am doubting if these pics from the goldmund are authentic now... Original poster, what are your sources? A competitor to Goldmund ? arnaud. you can also read below article for your reference. Eden Audio :: View topic - Rip off, or what. I am just a consumer.
the budget $6,000 one
Quote: Originally posted by Oliver Gnaa, gnaaaaaa, gnaaaarrrr... Last one I bid on went for more that 180$! 555 isn't worth 180$! ......even it is the best portable cd-player of SONY.
Quote: Originally posted by zeplin wbjia, I was wondering, are the sound and features of the D-555 similar to a D-350...I have one that is soon to arrive! I took a chance knowing that I've seen the 350 mentioned as one of the top ten best sounding older Sony players? In general, am I close to correct about the above assumption? Thanx for the input Yes, they are similar. You can hear more detail on 555.
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