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received the package containing the HE-560 on the west coast this evening. Hifiman sent extra accessories to be used with the headphone set: two sets of the Focus pads (one set already on the cans), two sets of the Focus-A pad, two sets of the cable with 1/4 inch plug, two sets of 4-pin XLR cables with 3.5mm plug adapters. the headphone is in excellent condition, as is the wooden box with the sliding lid. i don't see any scratches nor blemishes on the gimbals and veneer...
 i doubt it was power, or more specifically clean current, that made the wa6 sound more spacious; the stock wa6 puts out approx. 400 mW at 32 ohms. but if you're looking for good alternatives with some power, i'd recommend the schiit amps like the asgard 2. nice sound with amazing prices.
thanks for the reply. hope to be hearing thru these soon to decide for myself.
  what i meant was, when the hp is placed on ones head, do they compress similarly or does one feel stiffer or more compliant than the other? it probably is the material change in the inner lining of the pads that may be the cause of the 4k bump but i was wondering if the distancebetween the ears and the transducers have changed as well.
for members with both the pre production and production pads, is it also plausible that the latter pads are stiffer and places the ear farther away from the transducers, thus causing the 4k mid-treble emphasis?
1. southern california   2. cia vda2, wa-6, pioneer 9100, sansui au-8500, hd800, he-6, lcd2.2, re-400   3. addicted for life   4. i agree to said conditions
what happened? it was starting to get funny with the thin skinned mot and macedonianhero...
Sold   for sale is a near-mint condition Koss ESP-950 electrostat headphone with the E-90 energizer and all original accessories for $sold.. i am the second owner of this set. it has no issues and no hint of the infamous "squealing". oh yeah, it has the life-time warranty from koss in wisconsin.   i'm not interested in trades; working to move up to the sr-009.   i will sell to international members but i won't send to mainland china nor italy; the...
i think the he6 is an excellent can when powered by a properly functioning and correctly biased vintage pioneer sa9100. it scales much better than the lcd2.2; not even in the same arena actually. but the lcd3 is in the same breath as the he6 with even less current being delivered. both excels in resolution and transparency. the he6 being mid treble tilted and the lcd3 being mid bass tilted. i didn't notice much treble etch when powered by the reconditioned...
audeze customer service is exceptionally good. they can take several days for the initial response though.   have you tried measuring the impedance for both channels via the connectors? they should be matched. any multi meter will do.  
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