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it may be high humidity that's causing the issue. another may be dust in your environment... or may be a combination of both. good luck with the problem solving.
pure economics 101:  supply vs demand
 to the right of the description and shipping/payment info you'll see the "report item" link. use that link to report any suspicious issues to ebay staff.
my silly guess:   he560 $899 he6     $1299 he7?   $1999 he1k   $2999
personally, i don't think the 009 needs a bhse (it being voiced for the 007mk1 cans) nor a high-end diy amp to sound 'best'. i've heard it thru a lowly, relatively speaking of course, srm-007tll and it sounded fantastic. even a woo ges makes the 009 sound great imo. but head-fi being what it is, a grounds for the connoisseur and obsessive- compulsive who must have the newest and highest priced offering to be sated, some folks look down with disdain and even contempt at...
yes, i'm thinking the exact same thing. with the yen losing ground on the dollar continuously, thanks to japan's monetary easing policy and improving economy in the usa,it wouldn't be a shock to see the 009 being sold at $2700+ later in the year.
personally, i'd be embarrassed to wear something so gaudy looking in my own home... i don't think my wife has anything so bling in her entire jewelry collection. my wife will probably experience envy/anger and buy a $2K vacuum cleaner to spite me.
 he probably subscribes to the adage, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all..."that's my guess.
 glad to hear you got the package. it goes to show how unreliable UPS can be sometimes. i paid UPS $4 extra dollars to have a required signature from the recipient.i guess i needed to pay extra for the recipient to be the person on the address label.... sorry about the inconvenience Whitetriton. anyways, hope you enjoy thecans.
the WestCoast unit is on its way to Whitetriton. happy days!
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