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personally, i'd be embarrassed to wear something so gaudy looking in my own home... i don't think my wife has anything so bling in her entire jewelry collection. my wife will probably experience envy/anger and buy a $2K vacuum cleaner to spite me.
 he probably subscribes to the adage, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all..."that's my guess.
 glad to hear you got the package. it goes to show how unreliable UPS can be sometimes. i paid UPS $4 extra dollars to have a required signature from the recipient.i guess i needed to pay extra for the recipient to be the person on the address label.... sorry about the inconvenience Whitetriton. anyways, hope you enjoy thecans.
the WestCoast unit is on its way to Whitetriton. happy days!
i've been auditioning the HE-560 i received from team HiFiMan for the past 10 or so days and i am confident in saying that i view this headphone as the best that HiFiMan has come up with in their planar line. it has some minor issues that i will point out below but the goods outweigh the bads. i used my sansui au-6500, au-8500 and pioneer 9100 speaker amps along with a good but long-toothed cia vda-2 and vac power supply being fed thru both cd transport and pc/usb/winamp....
a new HE-560 Touring Impressions/ Review thread is up in the headphones (full size) forum. all impressions and reviews are encouraged to be submitted on that thread once you're ready.
officially, it is, but you can contact HiFiMan and convince them to add you to the list.
                                 HiFiMan HE-560 USA/Canada Tour Thread     Well boys and girls the Hifiman HE-560 planar headphone Touring Event in the USA has begun! Head-fi members in the west and east coast, as well as our Canadian brothers and sisters, have begun receiving their packages. Warmest thanks goes out to the HiFiMan staff and Dr. Fang Bian for making this possible.   As outlined in the HiFiMan sign up list each member will audition the HE-560 along...
 i'm assuming that they are. the outer sheath/cover is the same so i'm assuming the wires insideare the same as the 1/4 inch plug cables.
received the package containing the HE-560 on the west coast this evening. Hifiman sent extra accessories to be used with the headphone set: two sets of the Focus pads (one set already on the cans), two sets of the Focus-A pad, two sets of the cable with 1/4 inch plug, two sets of 4-pin XLR cables with 3.5mm plug adapters. the headphone is in excellent condition, as is the wooden box with the sliding lid. i don't see any scratches nor blemishes on the gimbals and veneer...
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