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I recently bought a high quality CD player and have been listening to recordings through my ER-4P. WOw is all I have to say, I've always enjoyed these in the past 5 years I've had them! I've tried several other IEMs, but keep on going back to these.
These have been sold! Thanks!
still up bump!
bump thanks for looking!
Up for sale is a new pair of UE Triplefi10 Pro. They are brand new. I 've listened to maybe 5 hours of music total through these. Comes with complete box, paperwork, accessories, etc.         $140 shipped to CONUS. Paypal only. Thanks for looking!
For that price, I'd get a balanced armature driven IEM instead of typical muddy neodyn.driven IEM.
This is TF 10 thread, let's not start trashing Etys.   Mine TF10 just came and so let me give you some first thoughts. These are muddier than the ER-4p (of course) but the bass is aboslutley amazing--just put on Alicia Keys' No One.   For $164 they are definatley worth it, but if by MSRP, I would personally get the ER4ps over these.
I just ordered these off of Amazon for $164. Wow the price really came down in these years! I still remember when they were $400.   Adding to my collection:   Etymotic ER-4p Etymotic ER-6i Westone UM1  
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