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It will tell you they're trying to connect at the bottom of the teamviewer window.  One comment was "incompatible version" and the other was something like "connection failed".  I'm not sure if they had switched to teamviewer 12 or not but it worked the 3 or 4th time they tried to connect.
Teamviewer 12 works as well but it took them 2-3 tries to connect to my teamviewer.   Link to quartus 12.1  : Just need the stand alone version (143mb).   For older DAC-19 DSP version, here's the correct orientation:  
 Most of the helpful info regarding the upgrade  is located on page 229.  I would go through pages 226 to 228 as well.I would take a picture of your Ref 5.32 and email it to audio-gd. They will be able to tell you which orientation you should plug in the ribbon cable head.If you're using those ebay usb blaster clones, you should download quartus 12.1 instead of 16.But here's the link for quartus 12.1 (you must register to download)...
Thanks Currawong for all your help and dedication!  I wish I had a buddy [like you] in the real world!
I could see some users preferring the sound of the dac-19, which is warm and very relaxing, than something more refined like the master 7.  
eschell27, regarding the I2s module, did you buy it separately from audio-gd ?  I didn't realize they're offering hdmi i2s input module kits for the dac19 as well.  Also, was there any hint of sibilance after the dsp upgrade?     I remember back then we would have to buy a new dsp board for $150+shipping if we wanted the newer dsp version and the newer upgrade from v3 to v5 wasn't to my liking.  It made my reference 1 brighter and sort of lost some of its warmth and...
If you have one for sale, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you!
Listing my AKG K500 and Shure SRH840 headphones in very good condition.  There's extra pads and carrying pouch for the Shure 840 but no original boxes.  Looking to sell the shure for $100usd and AKG K500 for $OLD + shipping + paypal.  Let me know if you're interested.  Thank you.
Looking to sell my Fostex T30 orthodynamic headphones in very good condition.  Only thing missing is a small piece of plastic cover on one side of the headphones but it doesn't not affect functionality.  Looking for $240usd + paypal + shipping.  Let me know if you're interested.  Thank you.
Selling the Astell & Kern AK100II portable player in excellent condition.  I am the original owner and have used it for roughly 50 hours.  Comes with original packaging & accessories.  Preferred to ship within Canada/USA but may ship outside the region if buyer is willing to pay for the expensive shipping fee.  Looking to sell for $SOLD + shipping & paypal fees.  If you're interested, please let me know.  Thank you!
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