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Selling a rare pair of Wharfedale ID1 Isodynamic in good working condition.  Comes with box and case.  Priced at $OLDusd + shipping + paypal fees if applicable.  Thanks for looking.
This is sort of an interest check for the legendary Assemblage Dac 3.1.  I considered this one of the best I've heard. In my opinion performs like a $3k-4k dac and comparable to the Weiss dac202 and Resonessence invicta dac.  The assemblage 3.1 has a smoother neutral sound.  It is detailed but never bright sounding.  If you like the assemblage 3.0, you'll love the Assembalge 3.1 even more.   This version sounds very neutral, smooth and balanced between highs, mids, and...
Maybe looking at a rolex watch is like looking at a piece of art, it gives one a special feeling inside. 
I still don't get it...what's so special about rolex watches...it's just a watch you wear on your wrist to tell time.  Nowadays you have your cell phone to tell time.
Smile unless you have a perverted creepy smile.  
Smile more to girls, you may even get laid which leads to a bigger smile.
Selling a pair of ATH-ESW9LTD limited edition headphones in excellent condition.  Original owner and I've used them for about 2 hours.  They're not really my cup of tea. Looking to sell for $380usd or $427CAD including shipping in Canada or $387usd shipped to USA.  Please add 3.9% paypal fees or non-credit card paypal 'gift'.  Let me know if you're interested.  Thanks. It's SOLD.     *Pictures uploaded. *Please note I made a tiny rip to the cardboard box (see picture 3)...
The ath-w11jpn are highly sought after in Japan now....last 2 sold for at least 150,000 yen.
Thanks for your impressions again. It really allow us to get a sense of how the esw9ltd may sound. From your description, it seems like the esw9ltd's mid sound very similar to the esw10jpn. The mids of the esw10jpn is clear and slightly forward and is not as lush or thick as the esw9. Unfortunately I havent' heard the AD1000 but I'm getting a good sense of how the esw9ltd would sound. I'm speculating that the esw9ltd may not have as tight or defined of a bass as the...
New Posts  All Forums: