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i've read that the olives run larger than many foam tips. if i wear a large in silicon on both the ie8's and pfe's should i go medium or large? these are pricey and i would rather not waste money on getting the wrong size. thanks in advance for your thoughts.
Quote: Originally Posted by tstarn06 So do you feel the PFEs are a worthy phone, at least in the ballpark of a top tier IEM? Just curious. I guess the soundstage deal is the major difference. i'll preface what i'm about to say with this grain of salt: this is my first foray into IEM's but i am quite comfortable in my "opinions" on audio in general. i have always spent more time listening and enjoying than i have trying to compare, analyze,...
it's now 2.99--you have to use the coupon code HSWRAP.
back to the original question-- i noticed ever so slight improvements on the upper end. i liked them out of the box and like them now. ironically i am also comparing them to the PFE's as well. so far i can say they are closer than i would have imagined. the one HUGE advantage in favor of the ie8's is their "dynamics" if you will. i feel more like i am listening to speakers or full sized phones. the major downside to the ie8's is their pain in the a**...
Quote: Originally Posted by ottoyu34 Try play around with the fitting: normal or upside down> tips > insert depth> insert angle. Otto agreed. i'm surprised how important the angle is on these. not the case as much with the sleeks and phonak's i have.
where in jersey are u? if i keep my phonaks i might be able to help.
i'm far from the most experienced guy on here when it comes to iem's but i do have some good general audio knowledge. i recently decided to get into the high end of iem's. i am currently trying the sa6's, the phonak pfe's and the sennheiser ie8's. by far, the ie8s are the most similar listening experience to my speakers (which just happen to be b&w's as well ) not that the others are bad but in terms of feeling like i'm sitting in my listening room sans phones,...
Quote: Originally Posted by average_joe On the IE8 burn in, be ready for 20 hours to not be enough. It might be for you, but for me the IE8s didn't really shine until 150-175 hours. And before my experience, I read that their sound keeps changing up to around 250 hours. And I am interested to see what others think of the 2 (not that my opinion will change). honestly, so far i can't imagine what these ie8's will be like if that's the case. so...
Quote: Originally Posted by ethan961 I think this will be my first impulse purchase due to head-fi. Not much has been said about the fit though, how is it? Can you sleep with them on? in terms of fit with the included tips, on my ears, the pfe is the most comfortable with the silicone tips as compared to both the ie8 and sa6.
i've got both as of this morning. i'll post my thoughts here as well. i'll be burning in the ie8's overnight and continue to do so listening and when not in use. i have read that they open up starting at 20 hours majorly and then incrementally from there. i also am trying out the sa6's so i'll comment on those as well.
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