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Are any of the IEM's mentioned here a decent upgrade from the Senn IE-7?      
Are you saying that that a DAC has no impact on sound quality?
  IMO, yes. I wouldn't waste time with an SGSII if sound quality is important. It's a great phone in every other regard.
Can the IE8's be driven directly from an mp3 player (Zune) without major loss of SQ?
I'm still using my 595 and they have been abused, dropped multiple times on hard floors, and they still work fine.    
How would you all compare an HD-595 to a DT990 (600ohm or otherwise)? What should I expect other then more bass when moving from a 595 to a DT990? Any loss of clarity or mid detail?
Hmm, I'm almost thinking of buying the DT 990 and one of the grados.   Question about amps. Do most amps take the optical output as source from a soundcard for example?
Are the grado's comfortable to wear? Every picture I have seen make them seem like they sit on the ear instead of over it and from experience, I know that is not comfortable for me.   I'll try to see if I can test them out somewhere.  
Also, does anyone now if the Claro Halo can adequately drive these phones? Thx  
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