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Just in case:
Are there "carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (CNTFET)" suitable for high voltage ciclotrons?
 Or: 3rd) a dac that does not need an I/V stage.
  Not exactly a mesh. The vertical axis, which is more distant, applies lower force to the diaphragm. Space between conductors is decreased in the edges of the stator. The edge conductors could also be closer to the diaphragm if the guiding holes are perforated accordingly.
Happy new year to you too.   The tennis racquet analogy is better than my expression “wire docks”.    Well, this was my first drawing:     I just do not know what is better. The way to find out is to prototype both and to assess their performance. A mesh seems more rigid, but it is also more complex to sew and to apply tension. I speculate that it would interfere with the optimal stator/diaphragm gap, produce different acoustical reflections etc. The hardened...
Thank you both!    I believe the mentioned metal clad fiber (mcf) is not available for consumers, unless someone orders a very large batch.    What I find interesting is that the manufacturer can add insulation and tailor the clad conductivity.    I had in mind a stator like this, with “wire docks”:       Then just “sew” the stator.   I drew extruded edges in each tunnel, to evenly spread the tension along the wire and to avoid damage in the insulation when...
It seems that stators are well addressed with PCB’s, but I have seen an antique electrostatic project which stators are made of hardened steel wire. Then I was reading an interesting article in Scientific American about the first human propelled helicopter, which was coupled with a liquid crystal polymer belt, called Vectran. While I was searching the physical specifications of such fiber, I found some metal clad fiber made of similar polymers. For instance: Not-So-Heavy...
Just to get an idea, some pictures of an enclosure I bought recently:           I have been told it will take at least two months to get partial freight refund by the courier.
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