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 I have never built an electrostatic headphone. It is just a theoretical exercise, because I overthink things a bit. I just want to better understand how the transducers work. Please follow Wachara and dude_500 advices. They have built fully operational units.
You are right. The patterns may alter the vibrations modes itself. Perhaps a coating pattern that match the exactly the holes in the stators. But then one would have half the coated area and probably a strong decrease in sensitivity. (no constant charge effect...). Thank you for your response! 
Okay, no feedback, I must have said something nonsense. More down to earth, how much reduction in efficiency (at 30Hz, 300Hz, 1kHz and 10Khz) one would expect adopting a semi-coated, single-side, diaphragms like these:     I know you can say “go and build one yourself to test it”, but right now I do not have the practice you guys have…
  What is the minimum coating resistance that allows "constant charge" to avoid migration within the diaphragm surface and what is the minimum coating conductance to charge the diaphragm? How long it takes to achieve full surface charge of the diaphragm with such "high resistance coating"? With uncoated membranes, what is the sensitivity? If I push them hard, can the stators achive the air voltage breakdown?  Suppose one could laser or photo etch shields with several...
 So although both sides of the diaphragm may be coated, there are no two bias input pins for each channel, right? Did normal bias amplifiers have two separate bias regulators?
Did Stax normal bias have both sides of the diaphragm coted?
Thanks FrankCooter and jcx, in alphabetical order, for sharing your knowledge. This post in Tube CAD Journal was my previous knowledge about the subject and you both helped to fill some blanks in my mind. There is no conclusion without thesis and antithesis. I wish we had more of such debates here.
Stainless steel knob. Great for baking breads in the oven without melting the knob.
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