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I am absolutely in love with the Victor fx-500.
#1778 here. Cheers, Rui
Hi all, I am the proud owner of one of these :-) Shigzeo was kind enough to get me a pair last week. First, I'd like to say that these phones are simply gorgeous and the most comfortable of my collection. I've been listening to them for a week now and can't point out any fatigue physically or sound-wise. I am wearing them with CX300 rubber tips which I find are the ones that better fit my ears. The phones fit perfectly inside the ears (as eg. the Shures and unlike the...
Shigzeo got me a pair of fx-500 as they aren't available anywhere in europe afaik. Everything went as smooth as if were long time friends. Simply perfect.
Quote: Originally Posted by lwrs10 I ran up to Soeul in Korea today and to my enjoyment they have a heaphone shop there. Had about everything you can think of on a wall to try out. lwrs10, I flying to Seoul next week. Can you tell me exactly where this shop is? Thanks!
I recently got my e3 from the attic and fell in love with them :-) About a year ago I bought the e3 based on several opinions. While I found them detailed and having great mids, I couldnĀ“t get any bass at all from these phones and the sound was thin as hell. I tried everything, all the tips I had, bought three-flange tips, made them two-flange, put them in until they bumped my ear drum ;-) , but no way!, I couldn't get a single low note from them. I simply forgot the e3...
I bought Justin a Headfive. The amp is as new, as he described it, and the whole transaction was smooth and quick. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again. I am very pleased with my acquisition, thanks Justin.
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