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I've got both for a couple of months now. I do enjoy both and can't really say I favor one over the other. However, I often find the se846 boring and too dependent on the music genre.
Lucky you guys that can order from Amazon USA :-) Here we pay EUR or GBP.    Cheers, rcmo
Hi!   As of today EUR 240 = USD 335. I pay PP fees, you pay postage.   Cheers, rcmo
Pristine condition, less than 20 hours listening. Grey color.   rcmo
@ginetto61 Exactly. That's where I bought them from. Final cost will be 19.65 ;-)   Cheers
Hi!   I totally concur with your review. These fx67 are really a gem. Although with a clear V response curve the mids are still very present rendering the phones pretty balanced. I am a JVC fan and indeed own several JVC IEMs: fx33 (also 10€ phones which were well acclaimed here some time ago), fx66,  fx300, fx500 and fx700. It's interesting that from the specs you can't tell the fx66 and fx67 apart. Same driver's size, same FR, same sensivity. However, there's a...
Price drop: 120€ shipped to EU.
With most of iem my preference goes to the plain or hybrid medium size silicone tips. With the IE8 however, I use the small ones that come with it. Any bigger tips seems to bump bass to much, cause a bit of reverberation and reduces soundstage. Moreover, with the small ones I hardly feel the iems in my ears.   rcmo 
Very nice review Jude!   I have bought them twice and returned them two times... I really like them, I do want to have them, but besides the fact that I won't use them that often there's something about their signature that keeps me going back and forth. I think I'll get them once again... just to be sure.   Cheers!
I can confirm, mine read 28 Ohm.   Cheers
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