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Very nice review Jude!   I have bought them twice and returned them two times... I really like them, I do want to have them, but besides the fact that I won't use them that often there's something about their signature that keeps me going back and forth. I think I'll get them once again... just to be sure.   Cheers!
I can confirm, mine read 28 Ohm.   Cheers
Hi!   I'm selling a new pair of Victor HA-FX500, in unopened box. Bought it as a backup pair.    140€ shipped to EU.   Cheers, rcmo
Thanks for your help. @groki Compression isn't the issue here, I used lossless compressed files.  No EQ whatsoever. Distortion can easily start with low freqs but it is with voice that it really gets weird and unbearable.
Those who own/know well the CK10 please help me here. I just bought a pair of these today. As such I didn't still have the time to make a thorough evaluation but their clarity and definition exactly corresponds to what I was expecting,   However, I noticed that the CK10 can easily start distorting when volume goes high. By high I mean over 3/4 when out of an iphone, ipod classic or when amped through a headsix. Without getting into discussing how high I am listening,...
I will be receiving mine tomorrow from amazon.co.uk ;-) Can't wait!   Cheers, rcmo
Thank you! It's heart touching, it really is. I hope you get everything on double. Cheers, rcmo
Got both. Denon, definitely. As strong but tighter bass than the Sony. Cheers, Rui
I use the CX300/EP630 tips with both the FX300 and FX500 and love it. Cheers, Rui
Hi, I'll be stopping over in Seattle next weekend and would like to buy either the Denon D2000 or D5000 (that I cannot find in Portugal). Can someone recommend a place to try&buy them? Thanks, Rui
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