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The 3 size mandarines and the medium senn. Keep in mind that the mandarines do not shrink as the senns due to the inner foam. 
Pretty much, yes.
Here you go. On the iems and witnesses of my crusade ;-)   Bottom-up:jvc spiral dots, comply, comply, new porous sony hybrids, regular sony hybrids, audio-tecnica, spin-fits and earsonics. The mandarines small, medium and large. 
About mandarine tips:
Hi Guys,   As probably 97,64% of the ie800 owners I've always been fighting with their fit, struggling to keep them in my ears and looking for replacement tips. Those days might be over. I've ordered the mandarine tips not exactly thinking on the ie800 but for the sake of trying them. To my great surprise these tips attach to the ie800 as well as the originals (they even seem to make the click), are very comfortable and keep the iems in place.   Sound so far seems...
You're referring to MKI, right?   With my MKII shure, ue900 and a couple of cheap cables work just fine.
Does anyone know the differences between TSX-200 and TSX-500? I believe it might be only on the core dimensions but can't find it anywhere.   TIA
ie800 vs T8iEII: IMHO, T8 hands down. Fit, soundstage, less U tune with some beautiful (if not mellow or liquid) mids, construction.   :-)
Not only the M1 drives the HD650 pretty well as it almost does the job for the K701. Quite impressive.
Just received the BTA. I'll compare them with H5 asap. A quickie though: 1) other than sound, BTA hands down, 2) I love H5's bright sound, BTA is much darker.   rcmo
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