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Quote: Originally Posted by geekbanter A Squeezebox 3 is what you want. I don't know if you have a computer you are already planning on using or what, but this device would be better. See a review of it here. This device would certainly be easier to setup, maintain, and will be quieter while providing better audio quality over a comparable computer. Cool. The only obvious problem I can find with it is that it doesn't record. But that can be...
Ok, so I am reading another newsgroup and someone brings up the point that ripping (uncompressed .wav) HDCDs strips this incoding! And that playing them back trough an external DAC (reciever) won't have the "HD" even if the reciever has an "HD processor" circuit Can anyone comment on this?
Thanks for the responces guys! I'm sifting through it now. Quote: Originally Posted by sgprater I may play around a bit, just to see if I can get something working. Question: do you want your music player to be a locally-run application, or a remote X application residing on the same server as your music files, that is then exported to your local X window? Each option has its pros and cons. The idea is to have a playback pc connected to...
Quote: Originally Posted by bperboy It's like at a library, where the only thing running is the browser to the catalog, and no desktop. Cept it's winbloze! umm.. I think I'm missing something.
Quote: Originally Posted by 5Kurt Try Damn Small Linux, it is only 50mb, ideal for audio playback. You can even boot it from USB flash memory. Thanks for your post. I've got DSL, but it loads a GUI. What I am really looking for is a configuration that just boots, connects, and starts playing the playlist. The idea is for a stand alone media player with absolute minimal cpu activity. The only "window" I want running is the player...
I am looking for a simple linux playback distro. All I want is the OS to boot, load the minimal drivers (drives, network and sound), load WinAMP or something. The .WAV, MP3 and FLAC files would be stored on a server and accessed over the network. I'd like to control it over the network via a web interface or remote window. Anybody seen something like this? AR
Quote: Originally Posted by lan I don't really like the KSC75s. Try the 35s instead. I believe it's a bit clearer. But can you still get the 35's anywhere?
Help! Ok, the computer I set up for Mrs Redneck this past Christmas is great except for one small problem: the Compaq CD burner sounds like a jet engine. I would like recommendations for both DVD and CD burners that are quiet. Feel free to use this as a gripe thread if you have one you really don't like. I'll edit in the part number/oem for the Compaq drive in the next few days. Thanks. AR
Readers Digest's Beethoven's 9 Symphones Boxed Set (RDS-34)/Col. Sanders' All Mandolin Band (On an added note, this RDS-34 is a must have for vinyl junkies into Beethoven and can be picked up for next to nothing on eBay all the time.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Old Pa New year, new birthday thread. Happy Birthday, Redneck! Fast approaching geezer status . . . Fast approaching?!? Funny, my wife says I'm well into it! Thanks guys. Personal update: -just built my wife a pc with the intent of it being a music composing station. -finally have a home office again and plan to have my stereo setup there and give the rest of the house have pc based sound. -I am...
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