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So... As I am ripping files, I always rip in two formates: MP3 for universal playback, and flac for quality with my home system. A large number of my disks are HDCD encoded. So since I am ripping using a lossless format (bit perfect), shouldn't all the HDCD info be there at playback? If so, is there a software HDCD media player?
Quote: Originally Posted by juzmister Hi, I had this drive (300gb) sent to Seagate, they sent me back a 500gb external drive...I was happy with the outcome. Data is gone, but it turns out I had the stuff on a corrupted external drive so I recovered that, and got back like 9000 songs... Glad to hear not all was lost. And an extra 200gb for your troubles - no all bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.PD ... sorry I'm late You're late? It was my birthday and I didn't show up for two weeks!
Better off Dead Blues Brothers Home Alone Little Rascals
The only thing I think I bought in 2006 was: Canteloube: Songs of the Auvergne; Rachmaninov: Songs Op34 RCA LSC 2795 (original LP)
Quote: Originally Posted by juzmister I tried it on a couple, both say this drive is unreadable. I'm going to attempt to restore the drives in a couple weeks. Juzmister, if you are still trying to recover this drive, post again and let me know if the system bios are able to detect the drive. If so there is one other thing you can try. The best thing you can do for any hard drive is put a fan on it. Heat is HD enemy number 1. AR
Star Trek Original Series Season 1 Hunt for Red October Flight of the Phoenix (original version with Jimmy Stewart) Eddie and the Cruisers
In Arkansas, you can be divorced and still be cousins.
Thanks guys. I'm still popping in from time to time. The FLR (forth little redneck) arrived in late November. Mrs Redneck has informed me that birthday 2007 will be meet with black balloons. My life in a nutshell is 3 sons, 1 daughter, 2 dogs, 1 leopard gecko, cub scouts, a new assistant at work, trying to by a bigger house, and too many side jobs! (I hate computers). Happy New Year and remember: an iPod Shuffle sounds best through MDR-V6s. (opinionated as ever)...
Quote: Originally Posted by dcb1995 I bought a Sony DiscmanFM/AM in 1991 or 1992 and used it for a few years, but set it aside about 7 or 8 years ago. Recently my sister asked if she could have it, so I got it out and plugged it in to see if the battery would charge or if it needed replacement. It charged after 8 years of sitting on a shelf. I haven't done any benchmarks to see how many discs I can play per charge nor have I had it out long enough to...
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