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Thanks guys. Once again, the period between Thanksgiving and late January finds me avoiding computers and the internet for anything other than work. Still lurking in the dark corners of Head-Fi with the ghosts of Head-Fi'ers past, Audio Redneck
Quote: Originally Posted by Golden Monkey Redneck, that's why multiple choices were an option...I didn't want to limit it too much, as you may believe that components require break-in, power cables don't, but you can't explain why, etc. Shoot, I missed that part about multiple choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Know Talent a poor solder joint will definately cause problems but ascribing a perceptible sonic difference due to alloy mix vs. mechanical integrity is pushing it IMO. Not so much to the alloy mix as to how the alloy mix throughout a component is affected by heat and electrolysis over time. Electricity flowing through different metals causes a measurable molecular change over a given time period. How or if this...
My problem was that I could have picked about three of those. Based on what I learned in college about chemistry, physics, and engineering: I believe phones break in mechanically. I believe components break in due to minor chemical changes that take place in capacitors and resistors. I believe solder joints are affected depending on the compound (I'm not saying I know the difference between compounds, just that current affects different metal combination differently...
I was just about to start a new thread, when I found this one (I love search). Some of the things I have been doing with my headphones: Cleaning pleather: Seabreeze and other skin cleaners work pretty good, don't leave a residue (and if they do, stop using them) and I think help the material last longer. Alcohol works, but will dry the material out. Cleaning the drivers: A while back, one of my pairs of KSC-35s started to develope a rattle in one ear and I...
Quote: Originally Posted by kejar31 Skinny Puppy Yellow Oh, Yeah!
That was Blondie !?! I mean I watched the YouTube clip and that's Debbie singing it alright, but on the radio I never would have guessed it. I would of sworn I heard a couple guys singing this in '95 or so. But that's definitely the song. Thanks guys. (The office is having a party for Maria in a few weeks)
Hey guys, I'm trying to find a song from the mid '90s. Sort of a synth-pop sound and the only lines I can remember from it are: " the diva, Ave Maria". And its not the Brooks and Dunn song Maria Thanks in advance, AR
Quote: Originally Posted by Old Pa A couple of Randalls . . . Ah, yeeeeessss! All things sharp So Pa, did you ever hear the song? AR (still lurking in the corners of head-fi)
Thanks guys. Especially Regal's 1,2,3 nut shell of the subject. So can anyone recommend an hdcd dac?
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