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I can vouch for you brother, the Z1060 with the EX1000's is my goto rig, it powers them really well!, Not as good as the L3 (duh) but QUITE WELL. I have a Z2, I use it with ER4PT's, isnt hasn't been TOO impressive so far, but I'm still playing with it.
Hey man, nice shot (s) EDIT: 500th post! YEAH!!!
Hmmm, you do like that iQube, have you tried the L3? I see you have ETY's AND PortaPro's Now you're making me proud Rasmushorn!
Well, when I want to go nuts, I have a LOD for the walkman that connects to the RCA's  on my L3 (that way L-L+R-R+ are kept separate right into the amp) and use the L3 with the Z 1060 and the EX1000's it makes them smoother, helps wtih sound stage and makes them MUCH more dynamic...
When I got my 4th get ipod touch warrantied at apple they treated me like a little kid, I hated it. I think they are limited on the camera by the thickness of the ipod touch.
Sony Walkman Z1060 W/ Sony EX1000's Drives them quite well 50% volume is quite comfortable. I'm impressed! The custom tips also help the low end.
Instead of buying a new iPod Touch, I bought an iPhone 4s 64gb in white.  All the goodies of the new iPod touch except; Smaller screen (and footprint, all good by me smaller rig) 30 pin dock connector (oh YEAH) GPS chip (Now my biking computer apps will actually work, the new iPod Touch doesn't have a GPS chip) A better camera (I don't think I need to explain this one) The ability to activate (it is Verizon, who I happen to be with). All this for $450 used (new 64gb iPod...
Wanted an iphone 4s or 4 64GB or 32GB ONLY, I was gonna get the new ipod touch, but I'd rather have a good camera than a bigger screen, and I want the old docking port. Price to be determined by condition. CONUS only, So CAL preferable.
Android 2.3.5 is stable as long as you keep your RAM clear, you run low on RAM and you will have one crashy buggy phone. The Cowon Z2 actually gives you many excellent options for keeping it clear.... I'm debating if I should get the Walkman F, or the iPod touch 5 first....
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