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I just sold me refurbished iPod Touch 64gb 4th gen (I bought a new one, but the bluetooth developed an issue and the apple store gave me a refurbished one, left a bad taste in my mouth) I bought a Cowon Z2 32gb with the proceeds, Now I'm willing to tolerate the Z2 not having a LOD because I plan on using it with Ety ER4pt's and no amp (they work well together) but I'm not willing to tolerate TWO of my daps not having LODS that I can use. My Walkman Z (and soon F806) have...
Hmmmm, for $30 I'd rather pick up another pair of portapro's Although when I go portable I'm going with Etymotic ER4pt's w/ custom tips (Clarity, w/ accurate tight bass, I'm in love) , however the audiologist told me that my impressions got lost in the mail, I'm going back tomorrow @9:30 to have them done again.. I LOVE the Sony MDR-CD2000's full sized stereo cans, but they are HUGE, the ER4pt's are VERY close, and offer a darn good sound stage. I'm going to have my...
Well, who is going to take one for the team?
Price Drop, $1,100 for the Cans F I R M, cable is no longer available, I'll need it for the HD700's.
I just SPACED it and missed the LAX Meet (ARRRGGGHHHH!!!), please let us know how it goes..... Thanks, Brandon
They sound OK, tubes aren't cracked or anything, should I be worried? They were in a Deluxe Etymotic zip case... I just got back from an audiologist to have impressions made for the custom tips for them too.
I use 'em as shoelaces, only thing they're good for!
Hmmmm sterile.... My "end game" rig is the one I happen to be listening to when I go Deaf or Die, whichever comes first...
Porta pro's? I've seen people put closed earpads on 'em.
I do live sound for bands once and a while and all they keep screaming for is "MOAR BASS!!!"
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