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I have a friend who works for sony who gets me discounts on stuff I can get the XBA-4's for 126.75 adn the XBA-4ip's for 108.64, this offer is for you only thinh4u2 I'm legit, I hooked up lee730 with some EX1000's, let me know.....
Hmmmm have you looked into Etymotic products? They offer great isolation, or westone um1 (or shure Earsonics etc.) W/ custom tips, a little pricy, but great isolation as well.
Have you looked into custom tips? Westone, if you go through an authorized dealer, can make custom tips for darn near anything! I had custom tips made for my Sony EX1000's due to the fact none of the stock tips would seal... They are pricy though 110-130$
Sony XBA BT75 Bluetooth earbuds Balanced arm. Nice, they'll take on a sub $150 pair of IEMs efficiently
Big thanks to evilhippie for this, prolly already posted in this thread, but for those who missed it; Installing the Google Play market on the z2 is actually relatively simple, and doesn't require you to be rooted.  You can download the files you need from this link, there will be 3 .apk files that you simply place in the /apk folder on the internal memory.  More on it here:   http://anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=69228
I bought the cowon Z2 VERY shortly after it came out, at the time this solution was not available (or at least didn't come up with a google search the solution was originally for the D3 after all). You did not state the missing license files were available Evilhippie did (thanks again evilhippie) Shortly after I got the Z2 I Got the Walkman Z1060, which is lightyears ahead of the Z2 in all ways SOUND QUALITY ESPECIALLY after that the Z2 sat unused, Look in my sig, see...
the license files, YES, please post that in the thread link i posted above. thank you evilhippie
http://www.head-fi.org/t/594395/cowon-z2-the-complete-review-from-izzi-going/465 then show us, we'd love to know how you got google play to work
Android is free for anyone to use, Google's services are not. Cowon did not get a google license for its devices, which is why it doesn't ask you to log in to your google account like android phones do when you set the Z2 up. Go ahead go to XDA developers and get the .APK for google play and use SWM to install it.  it wont work, because there is no google account tied to the device. If you install Poweramp even if you buy it direcly from their website and install it...
Sony NW MS9 bought it in 2001? 2002? for about $300     had to use sony's software to load music on it was a pain.  website i pulled the image from was the same place i bought it from back in the day, crutchfield
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