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Less yappin' more snappin'!   iPhone 4s 64GB Triad Audio L3 Custom iPod to RCA LOD (true R+,R-,L+,L-) Sony EX1000's W/ custom Westone made UM56 (made just for the EX1000's) tips (no choice, none of the provided tips fit me)
look at post 1087, then look at  the post above my "Meh" response
You know what
I use that combo too! LOL!
Mine are on the for sale forums now, I like them, but they're too similar to the CD-2000's to warrant keeping.... Mine are mint, less than 10 hours.
The Z2 is in the for sale forums now, I actually talked an ETY fan OUT of buying it, blowing my own sale (couldn't do that to another ETY fan...)
anyway bought a 3rd gen iPod Touch to replace it, Listening to the "Movie soundtracks" channel on Sky.FM Premium MUCH better (though not as good as the Walkmans)
The internal Amp HAS NO BALLS, can't run any IEM's for crap, UM3X RC's Included (Walkman X and Z are SOOOO much better especially the X with the ER4PT's with the Clearbass turned up HELL YEAH!)combine that with the fact that there is no line out walkman or apple style, and you have one craptastic DAP!
Ety ER4PT + CUSTOM FIT tips Cowon Z2 VERY disappointing DAP 
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