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*Sighs* screw it, For sale, Cowon Z2 32gb Black W/ genuine Cowon Gel case and 32gb Sandisk Class 10 micro SD card and 1 year square trade warranty $280 FIRM
I've used the Sony EX-1000's and the Etymotic ER4pt's and so far, I'm not in love. Do you guys have any good recommendations for IEM's that work really well with the Cowon Z2? Absolute price limit is $500, but try to keep it below $200. Thanks!
DAMMIT! Temptation IMMENSE! I L O V E my Z, but I want a 64GB one to replace my 32gb one ARRRGH Sorry I have to pass, I have a 32 already, it is an INCREDIBLE music player, It powers my Westone UM3X RC's INCREDIBLY well with no amp, but I filled it up just with my offline spotify playlists, Slacker playlists and recently encoded CD's I need a 64 or No DICE! I'll pick up the Samsung Galaxy player 5.6 when they get around to releasing it.  It says IN STOCK as I wrote...
What? Why the hell are you READING THIS?!?! BUY DAMN IT BUY!!! I'll make it easy for you!; OTHER COLORS AVAILABLE!
Still available?
Free to good home an NZXT LEXA computer case, new but with a few scratches (looks great) I don't have any of the mounting hardware for the drives or anything, but I imagine you can find them off ebay or from NZXT directly. I replaced all the cheap blue NZXT fans with SilenX iXtrema blue LED fans, fans cost me $100, they are new as well. I'm cleaning my apartment and I'm using an old Dell workstation with Dual Quad Xeon processors and it fits in my little Turntable rack...
The bass, the impact with the L3 is nothing short of incredible, if you have a chance to use the EX1000's with an L3 at a meet I STRONGLY suggest you give it a shot.
I can vouch for you brother, the Z1060 with the EX1000's is my goto rig, it powers them really well!, Not as good as the L3 (duh) but QUITE WELL. I have a Z2, I use it with ER4PT's, isnt hasn't been TOO impressive so far, but I'm still playing with it.
Hey man, nice shot (s) EDIT: 500th post! YEAH!!!
Hmmm, you do like that iQube, have you tried the L3? I see you have ETY's AND PortaPro's Now you're making me proud Rasmushorn!
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