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you write the lyrics? I thought I was picky....
Westone UM3X RC's Memory cable wires drove me insane so I removed it (cut it off), these are silicone loops from a pair of sound magics, VERY comfy and further helps W/ microphonics (IME) UM56 custom tips, my beloved Walkman X1061
I can verify the 5th gen iPhone sounds better than the 5th gen itouch with UM3X RC's that is... neither are as good as a Walkman X or Z
I don't even use my iPhone as a phone!, just a dap LOL I took service off of it and put it back on my RAZR
hows that ipod touch treating you?
battery life is horrid 6 hrs, need to buy new cells  LESS YAP MOAR SNAP!!!!   Walkman X1061 (AWESOME dedicated DAP BTW, iPhone can't touch it) Lisa III and Sony MDR-CD2000's LOVE this rig!
Less yappin' more snappin'!   iPhone 4s 64GB Triad Audio L3 Custom iPod to RCA LOD (true R+,R-,L+,L-) Sony EX1000's W/ custom Westone made UM56 (made just for the EX1000's) tips (no choice, none of the provided tips fit me)
look at post 1087, then look at  the post above my "Meh" response
You know what
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