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It's a small car battery... J/K I'm on a bit of an anti amp streak myself, I like my 4s w/ UM3X RC's works great and w/ 64gb plenty of room and with apps, I can pull down what I want. I had an Arrow 3g but I compared it to my UHA-4 and it got its ass kicked (I really wanted to like the arrow too, but the leckerton is better) but I prefer no amp at all.... if I can get away with it
RE-ENCODE NOW!! DB POWERAMP IS YOUR FRIEND!!!! Seriously, you really need to re rip your CD's, I use 192M4A for my RAZR and that's just so I have music with me, I usually go 256M4A for my portable devices (reason being i can buy music off iTunes and my library stays consistant, that and it's a great balance of SQ and file size) and Flac or Alac (depending if it is an apple device or not) for stuff I really like (not every recording deserves lossless )
I have a 3rd gen iPod Touch 64gb I bought after my 4th gen died, I love it, its size is a plus, I like the daps on the smaller side, (Which is why I LOVE the walkman X)
How about a quick sale and a Walkman Z purchase LOL, my personal feelings on the Z2 aside, I really like power amp. I think they give you a trial, try it out, you might like it. It supports FLAC and gapless playback.
you write the lyrics? I thought I was picky....
Westone UM3X RC's Memory cable wires drove me insane so I removed it (cut it off), these are silicone loops from a pair of sound magics, VERY comfy and further helps W/ microphonics (IME) UM56 custom tips, my beloved Walkman X1061
I can verify the 5th gen iPhone sounds better than the 5th gen itouch with UM3X RC's that is... neither are as good as a Walkman X or Z
I don't even use my iPhone as a phone!, just a dap LOL I took service off of it and put it back on my RAZR
hows that ipod touch treating you?
battery life is horrid 6 hrs, need to buy new cells  LESS YAP MOAR SNAP!!!!   Walkman X1061 (AWESOME dedicated DAP BTW, iPhone can't touch it) Lisa III and Sony MDR-CD2000's LOVE this rig!
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