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DAMMIT PEOPLE NYOGEL! Mr speakers stop by my shop I'll give you a decent sized container of it, it will be up to you to share it with our can wielding brotheren (sp)
OMG The T50RP's MSRP for $200!?!? click on the amazon.com link to the right and see the amazon price. Damn am I glad I bought 2 pairs.
No, I had an Indian dude who lived across the hall from me, he went to the apple store and dropped $30 on Ibuds cause his old ones died, when those died I hooked him up with some KDX100's, he's on portapro's now. and they are $30 each. They use stock buds because they don't know any better.
Yes, both Eddie Current amps were pretty epic, I'm cheap though and the super 7 sold me...
Slacker is head and shoulders above everyone now that premium is here, I am a paid subscriber to pandora, but pandora plays weird remixes and stuff instead of the non remixed versions I want to hear, Slacker has always had better music (IMO) I'm using a Moto Droid as well Lady GaGa is OK she writes her stuff, but I like an artist to be about the music and not about clothing or dancing or any of that crap. I thought Alejandro sounded disturbingly Ace of Base ish..
I love DEOXIT it is wonderful incredible stuff, but I only use it for short term electrical connections headphone plugs dock connectors etc., for long term stuff I use Nyogel. 
LOL fraid not PM me I'll see what I can do but she brought back TEN PAIRS in full retail boxes, how the hell she got that past customs I'll never know.  
Thing is with beats in public, noone hassles me or gives me weird looks, they are the "socially accepted" large headphone thing is these knockoffs don't sound that bad, if they retailed for $100 I wouldn't feel ripped off at all, they sound like Ultrasones, but with slightly recessed mids, all in all not TOO bad, no way in HELL I'd pay $300 for them though. I paid $280 for my Sony MDR-Z1000's and they are quite nice, considerably smaller than I thought they would be...
My dad's GF actually FLEW to China on business and picked them up and brought them back, I might be able to get her to buy 2 more pairs for me, but I'll have to pay her for them and I'm a greedy mofo and ain't gonna give em up. Last I checked a run to China costs about $2k last time my friend went a few months ago, my dad's GF's job pays for her trips.
Deoxit is good, but a reapplication would be necessary within a few months (It did work on my T50rp's, for a while), use Nyogel it is 90$ a tube but one application would last 1 year +
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