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*Laughs* I'm reading this now on a Droid RAZR XT912, it is a sexy beast. I have an M8, haven't plugged the UM3X's in yet, I'm scared :-(
Glad to have helped, Triad audio makes excellent amps, I have since sold mine though, went to a Sony Xperia Tablet S and Etymotic ER-4PT's. Enjoy the amp!
He says try triadaudio@gmail.com
I'm friends with Brad Taylor (President of Triad Audio) on Facebook, I just sent him a message....
I'm afraid I have since sold both of them, I do remember using the L3 with my EX1000's they aren't sensitive by any means but it powered them quite well with no hiss that I can recall. Shigzeo would know much more than I...
Hello, I apologize if this thread has been made many times over. Just wondering, where are the best places to buy lossless audio online?
For sale; my Sunfire CRM 2 speakers. I bought them for $800 last year, but never used them, and have decided to sell them for a tonearm for my turntable. They are in decent shape, the bottoms are scratched (not my doing) and there are a few small finish chips on the front of one (see pics) I accept PayPal, conus only buyer pays shipping. Once the item leaves my possession it is between the shipping service and you if it arrives or not at all, that why I insure (I've had...
Final price drop, this is as low as I go. The L3 is still available
Final price drop, this is as low as I go. The L3 is still available
L3 is still available
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