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Final price drop, this is as low as I go. The L3 is still available
L3 is still available
Argh,I would love to go, but I have to work!
Here it is for sale, my Triad audio L3, I love it but I simply just do not use it anymore. The use of speakers at home and ER4PT's and Sony Xperia tablet S pretty much have taken care of my needs. For sale I am selling the L3 it is in excellent condition, I will be including the original wood case that came with it the metal case I purchased later. . I am not hurting for money, I am simply selling these to purchase a camera lens that I feel will make money. L3...
My Leckerton UHA 4 worked straight out of my Archos G9 101 tablet
Thank you , I have been meaning to pick up a pair for a while. I have a pair of custom tips that I used with my last M6's (the tips were originally made for my EX1000's, but the angle was wrong) and they have been sitting on my desk for the last year.
For sale a Markl Adrenaline cable 4ft ( I used it with an extension cable- not for sale) I had it fully sheathed. I got rid of my HD800's when I determined my speakers were better and held onto the cable thinking that I would get a pair of HD700' but they arent for me either, So now I sell this cable. It has less than 10 hours and is in excellent condition. Paid $500 Sacrifice $125, Mostly interested in the money, (saving for CIEM's) Pay Pal +3% I ship UPS Ground Sig...
android 2.1 OUCH, what country are you in?
I rip my CD's 5 times, directly into the formats I use I'd go for 256 M4A, standard iTunes format, even if your not an apple product user. It is a solid modern format. 320 takes too much room, 192 and youll be kicking yourself for not going higher, 256 M4A is a nice balance. Even if you decide this audiophile stuff isn't for you, you'll be happy with 256 M4A and OP, you might want to look into DB Poweramp http://www.dbpoweramp.com/ just wondering, what smartphone are you...
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