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A little over 600, whatever BH photo video is selling them for at the moment.
I just bought a pair of HD 598's for just under 150. The HD 650's are going for a little over 300. These prices are a far cry from the 600 the HD 650's so were going for a while ago. Now, I am building a computer. But it can wait because I'm building it primarily for the oculus rift. Should I go ahead and pull the trigger on the HD 700s now? It would suck if the prices shot back up by the time I'm finished with the computer...
For sale a leckerton audio UHA - 4. I just don't use this anymore, faceplates have a few Dings on them. Amp still works great, used it as a DAC quite often. This is the amp I used for this comparison I wrote : http://www.head-fi.org/t/550478/leckerton-audio-uha-4-vs-headstage-arrow-3g-a-comparison-mobile-device-warning I ship UPS ground insured with signature confirmation, buyer pays shipping. Once I ship the item it is between you and ups, by buying you agree, that is...
for sale a pair of westone um 3x RC Universal in ear monitors. I simply do not use them anymore, then again I never really use them. They have less than 20 Hours on them. I removed the memory wire from the cables because it was very annoying to me. I will be including a pair of silicone wire guides from a pair of SoundMagic earbuds.I only ship UPS Ground signature confirmation. CONUS only shipping is to be paid by the buyer. Once the item ships it is between you and ups...
I have here a set of Koss Pro 4AA Titaniums in decent shape a few light scrapes here and there. I am looking to trade them for a set of porta pros I do not care what condition the portapros are in as long as they are complete, preferably with box. I am in the Pasadena California area Conus shipping only please.. I have the box but I am keeping the bag, I'm using it for other headphones *laughs*
I love my Porta Pros, but I feel that the Ultrasone HFI-15G's would be a better choice. think about it, they are incredibly impactful and dynamic. Any in game or movie explosions will have much more impact with them. They are also lightweight. They have excellent sound stage. As I said I love my portapros but I feel that these ultrasounds could reproduce more realistic sounding audio.
*Laughs* I'm reading this now on a Droid RAZR XT912, it is a sexy beast. I have an M8, haven't plugged the UM3X's in yet, I'm scared :-(
Glad to have helped, Triad audio makes excellent amps, I have since sold mine though, went to a Sony Xperia Tablet S and Etymotic ER-4PT's. Enjoy the amp!
He says try triadaudio@gmail.com
I'm friends with Brad Taylor (President of Triad Audio) on Facebook, I just sent him a message....
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