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android 2.1 OUCH, what country are you in?
I rip my CD's 5 times, directly into the formats I use I'd go for 256 M4A, standard iTunes format, even if your not an apple product user. It is a solid modern format. 320 takes too much room, 192 and youll be kicking yourself for not going higher, 256 M4A is a nice balance. Even if you decide this audiophile stuff isn't for you, you'll be happy with 256 M4A and OP, you might want to look into DB Poweramp just wondering, what smartphone are you...
No you pretend to listen to it, secretly turning the volume down when you put the headphones on, then try to get her number, Now hot chicks, they can go screw themselves, but cuties are to be persued!
Mine is Paradise Circus Gui Boratto Remix by Massive attack, liked it so much I dropped $70 and bought the special edition LP, I still haven't gotten around to transcribing it.....
It's a small car battery... J/K I'm on a bit of an anti amp streak myself, I like my 4s w/ UM3X RC's works great and w/ 64gb plenty of room and with apps, I can pull down what I want. I had an Arrow 3g but I compared it to my UHA-4 and it got its ass kicked (I really wanted to like the arrow too, but the leckerton is better) but I prefer no amp at all.... if I can get away with it
RE-ENCODE NOW!! DB POWERAMP IS YOUR FRIEND!!!! Seriously, you really need to re rip your CD's, I use 192M4A for my RAZR and that's just so I have music with me, I usually go 256M4A for my portable devices (reason being i can buy music off iTunes and my library stays consistant, that and it's a great balance of SQ and file size) and Flac or Alac (depending if it is an apple device or not) for stuff I really like (not every recording deserves lossless )
I have a 3rd gen iPod Touch 64gb I bought after my 4th gen died, I love it, its size is a plus, I like the daps on the smaller side, (Which is why I LOVE the walkman X)
How about a quick sale and a Walkman Z purchase LOL, my personal feelings on the Z2 aside, I really like power amp. I think they give you a trial, try it out, you might like it. It supports FLAC and gapless playback.
you write the lyrics? I thought I was picky....
Westone UM3X RC's Memory cable wires drove me insane so I removed it (cut it off), these are silicone loops from a pair of sound magics, VERY comfy and further helps W/ microphonics (IME) UM56 custom tips, my beloved Walkman X1061
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