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I love my Porta Pros, but I feel that the Ultrasone HFI-15G's would be a better choice. think about it, they are incredibly impactful and dynamic. Any in game or movie explosions will have much more impact with them. They are also lightweight. They have excellent sound stage. As I said I love my portapros but I feel that these ultrasounds could reproduce more realistic sounding audio.
*Laughs* I'm reading this now on a Droid RAZR XT912, it is a sexy beast. I have an M8, haven't plugged the UM3X's in yet, I'm scared :-(
Glad to have helped, Triad audio makes excellent amps, I have since sold mine though, went to a Sony Xperia Tablet S and Etymotic ER-4PT's. Enjoy the amp!
He says try triadaudio@gmail.com
I'm friends with Brad Taylor (President of Triad Audio) on Facebook, I just sent him a message....
I'm afraid I have since sold both of them, I do remember using the L3 with my EX1000's they aren't sensitive by any means but it powered them quite well with no hiss that I can recall. Shigzeo would know much more than I...
Hello, I apologize if this thread has been made many times over. Just wondering, where are the best places to buy lossless audio online?
For sale; my Sunfire CRM 2 speakers. I bought them for $800 last year, but never used them, and have decided to sell them for a tonearm for my turntable. They are in decent shape, the bottoms are scratched (not my doing) and there are a few small finish chips on the front of one (see pics) I accept PayPal, conus only buyer pays shipping. Once the item leaves my possession it is between the shipping service and you if it arrives or not at all, that why I insure (I've had...
Final price drop, this is as low as I go. The L3 is still available
Final price drop, this is as low as I go. The L3 is still available
New Posts  All Forums: