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Hello guys , if anyone was wondering who brought the baby Sunday, well that was me laughs. Anyway I was glad that grace Audio was there with the grace m920. That was an amp I had wanted to try for quite a while. It drove the HD800's quite well. I was also quite surprised to see Creative Labs there showcasing their goodies. I was quite impressed by their portable amplifiers. Sony was there showcasing their goodies as well. I'm very glad I had a chance to play with the zx2...
They are under review because multiple people are saying the headphones they are receiving have been opened and used. The pair I just bought have been opened and used :-( I'm in contact with the place I bought it from to see if I can get them exchanged for a new pair.
I JUST paid $599 free shipping no sales tax from BH photo video. The HD800's are worth it, but I couldn't justify spending $1500 for the cans and another $1,500 for an Eddie Current Super 7 (the amp I liked most with them) for that kind of cheese I'd rather upgrade my speakers/amp. Hmm, looks like Eddie current is no longer offering the Super seven, I remember him saying something about not being able to get the transformers or whatnot in the number he needed, some guy...
Skullcandy's? No, they just need to be broken
I'm going with this bad boy for the 700's I just bought: Cardas with furutech although, I will be using a Via blue connector, in my opinion they are much better machined than Furu tech, and much smaller. I'm also going with 3m not 15ft. I am not a total believer that cables make for better sound, but I do believe in good well-made cables. Though I am into speakers much more than headphones, the consensus of some of the guys who are die hard cable believers is that silver...
Plug the HD598s into a PA2V2 yes, the cheap portable amp, then connect it to your favorite source, veiled? HELL NO! The PA2V2 was created with the Porta Pros in mind which have similar impedance, I was hoping the HD 598's would work well on it and they work FANTASTIC!!!
My CD2000's are superior to the HD 598's although I was still impressed with them. The HD 650'S are better than the CD2000's but I want to go higher because it is in my means. But I won't buy the 800's again though, too power hungry.
I've owned the HD800's and the HD650's Sold the 650's after I got the 800's, sold the 800's when they wouldn't play nice with my equipment (they REALLY need a dedicated amp, and I refuse to buy one) They make sound cards with good headphone output now, and the 700's aren't too hard to drive, that and I like a overall neutral kinda bright set of cans (hence my love for the Sony CD2000's)
Sennheiser MM100's great cans, although they have been known to do a weird thing where they stay connected but all controls stay unresponsive until you plug them into a power supply. I've had mine for three years they stopped doing it after about a month
I just bought a pair of HD 598's for just under 150. The HD 650's are going for a little over 300. These prices are a far cry from the 600 the HD 650's so were going for a while ago. Now, I am building a computer. But it can wait because I'm building it primarily for the oculus rift. Should I go ahead and pull the trigger on the HD 700s now? It would suck if the prices shot back up by the time I'm finished with the computer...
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