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Afraid there is no cure, especially for the detail :-( ER4's are razor blades!
CUSTOM FIT is Etymotics custom tip program. And in my experience using universal tips is more about angle than depth, in general I find uni tips too finicky and fragile . But when I got these customs I got extreme isolation, and with it deeper bass. Keep in mind Etymotics THEMSELVES are the ones pushing these tips, and I'm sure they wouldn't do anything to mess with accuracy.
ER4PT's when properly driven won't leaving you wanting for bass. 
You could always go CUSTOM FIT
Porta Pros amped with a PA2V2. 
I second this, and add the ER4PT's when properly driven. A lot of people have yet to experience a set of properly driven ETY's. They're pretty stellar ;-)
I have a Sony Walkman X 1061 I'm not using include genuine Sony silicone case, genuine Sony Bluetooth transmitter, original box and unused original earbuds.
Well, I just ordered the X 7 limited edition and I have a brand new ZXR sitting in the box. So I guess I no longer need this card. I therefore I'm giving this away for free to whomever I feel will give it the best home. I however am a very lazy man and absolutely refuse to ship it. I am in Pasadena California local pickup only please thank you.
For sale my McIntosh MCD 201 Super Audio CD player. I do most of my listening through my computer sound card these days, and need other things so I feel it's best if I sell this. I purchased it used from Sound Factor few years ago. It is working fine and fully functional but I am selling it as is. I am a little flexible on the price, but if you've seen what others of these are going for... cash, in person no shipping. I have no box, and CD players in my experience don't...
For sale a brand new Sennheiser Game one open acoustic headset. I bought these from B and H several months ago. I originally planned on building a gaming computer, but life had other plans laughs. I ship UPS ground fully insured with signature confirmation only, CONUS only. Once the item ships it is between you and UPS in the event of loss or theft you agree to hold me blameless, by buying you agree. Paypal to confirmed addresses only.
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