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It is a rather simple LOD low profile 30-pin Apple connector, cable at the bottom not the side, 18 inches of preferably highly flexible copper cable, and a Pailiccs 3.5mm plug. Post pics of your work and your soldering joints pm me your price, this job will not necessarily be going to the lowest bidder I want someone who does clean quality work, and I may need other things done in the future. Mods if this is in the wrong forum please direct me.thank you
Jesus, I mean really WOW! For $12 I'm pretty damn impressed, I heard people say they were alright, but DAMN, a bit of bass bloat, and a V shaped sound sig, but Bravo Apple!
EarPods, seriously try them. Groupon has real ones for $12.
A company named ISI Poly industries makes a cleaner called simply "Leather and Vinyl cleaner" comes in a white spray can. It'll clean em! You can also try saddle soap.
Etys were designed to be as accurate as possible, with no "boosts" anywhere
Uncolored would be a better description,  it's just the music no veil, or muffled anything. Alanchanxd, what are you using your ER4's with?
Afraid there is no cure, especially for the detail :-( ER4's are razor blades!
CUSTOM FIT is Etymotics custom tip program. And in my experience using universal tips is more about angle than depth, in general I find uni tips too finicky and fragile . But when I got these customs I got extreme isolation, and with it deeper bass. Keep in mind Etymotics THEMSELVES are the ones pushing these tips, and I'm sure they wouldn't do anything to mess with accuracy.
ER4PT's when properly driven won't leaving you wanting for bass. 
You could always go CUSTOM FIT
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