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One of THE most amazing sounding movies as well...love the sound of the movie and the soundtrack both.
Look for the Dan Dorsey album "Time Warp"... It was one of the original Dolby show disks years ago and has some CRAZY stuff going on. It is called Ascent/Intro to Also Sprach... Will mess with your ears and mind... TOTALLY awesome. Love listening to it to show off new headphones, etc. Sproles
Are these still available?
still available?   Please allow me to clarify- these are factory new sent from the manufacturer, correct?
OK, "novice" might be  a stretch, but I am somewhat confused and need some guidance.   Here's my situation:   Apple MacBook Pro 15" 15000 songs via iTunes iPod Classic iBasso T3 with their DLO to mini connector LiveWires Trips Audio Engine A5 and AS8 set up in my office   When I am on the road (traveling) I have historically used my iPod, LW Trips and iBasso…beautiful!   I now have an office where I am traveling less and have my AE speaker set...
I am have a set of IEM that really need an amp to drive them, SO - I have an iBasso T3.  When I use my iPod, I have a nice DLO from iPod to iBasso...beautiful   BUT, now that I am doing more laptop work and am listening to things from my laptop (iTunes library, etc) my mini connector that I am using to connect my MacBook Pro to my iBass just does not cut it.   What do I need to go from my MCP to my iBasso?   Please advise-   Sproles  
OK, I have just north of 16,000 songs in my iTunes library.  I know that with the new iCloud, I will always be able to access them on my iPhone, but looking for something a step beyond that even.   What I would like is a database of my music and an app that could scan (via the iPhone) a cd in a used CD store and compare that scanned cd to my database and tell me if own it or not.   Does anything like that exist? Your help would be appreciated.   Sproles
OK - LONG thread here, but I thought I would throw in my $0.02.   I have not seen Christina Aguillera mentioned.  Have you HEARD her voice.  She has some amazing pipes and, IMHO, is not that bad to look at either.  Listen to her cover of "A Song For You" on Herbie Hancock's album (among others).  WOW!   The woman from Mozilla has an astounding voice.   Melody Gardot is one of those that just gets me.   A lesser known new "jazz-ish" singer is Robin McKelle...
OK - I got the idea of this thread the other day when I was listening to Seal's cover of "Fly LIke an Eagle."  What a GREAT cover of Steve Miller's classic from the 70s.   What other covers are out there that people really should hear.  There are plenty of ones out there that should have never been covered to begin with, but some are well done and maybe even better than the original.   For instance:  Adele's cover of Dylan's song "Make You Feel My Love"  - better...
I do NOT enjoy the whole "hate metal" genre.  Not even sure what it's called, but the few times I have heard it played - I just think, "man, these guys need some serious professional help."  I am sure there is music inside of them, but it's hard to see the music through all the hate.     +1 on Dylan...really?  I guess he was rapping before it was cool!  :-)   Never understood rap in general...see first comment above...
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