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I will likely be able to make it as well. I am planning on bringing my K1000 and Cayin amp. The only source that I have to bring is an old, modified phillips CD player. I hope that folks are thinking about bringing DACs such as the Cambridge or Musical Fidelity. I am thinking of buying a DAC in the 200-400 range and would welcome the chance to hear some. Barry
Refurb 320? Can you tell us where?
There is a network of clinics, called Community Health Centers, funded by the federal government - chapter 329 or 330 of I forget which part of federal law. They are often, but not always in not so nice parts of town but they tend to provide very good health care. They are often, if not always (I forget) related to hospitals for inpatient care. When I was unemployed some years ago, they were my doctor and did a great job. Truly an unpublicized resource. They do charge...
Actually, it is a great idea. Just be sure to take the tip off in the morning and brush out the dried wax from inside the nozzle. Not sure that it is necessary very often unless you use your IEMs all day every day. In the United States, audiologists sell them. And you can mail order them.
Head Direct was having a sale on RE 2s. You might see if the sale continues; the price was right and the RE 2s are pretty musical. And comfortable. Good luck.
Hmmmm I didn't see sockets, but perhaps I just missed them.
Well, here are my biases. I went to school at SUNY Albany, so I have a soft spot. But that was a long time ago and I could not speak to the quality now. I can tell you that Albany remains a very livable city. I don't have an opinion about Binghamton per se, but I do suggest that you forgo the 5 year program. An earlier poster suggested the best MBA that you can find. I agree. Not that Binghamton or Albany are bad by any means, but after you do well as an...
Even with the same prescription, there will likely be some difference in vision, but in real life it does not matter. You may experience a minute or five of odd vision, but your brain will adjust pretty quickly, especially if you have used the glasses before. I have been wearing glasses for a very long time and I have never had a problem. There will be no physical damage to your eyes, so don't worry. I have some female friends that have a variety of different glasses...
Flawless buyer. Clear communicator, prompt payer. What else could one hope for?
Controversy aside, I am thinking about buying a DAC to feed my Cayin HA-1 and AKG K1000 and I was wondering if any of you think that the 7520 was up to the job. Or perhaps you all have suggestions about a better choice that costs about the same or less. I don't agree with the purveyor's marketing tactics, but I don't have to listen to him. And I don't want to "cut off my nose to spite my face". Thanks all.
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