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I hope that you people can help. I have a nomad Zen and I am using one of two sets of headphones on the road (train or plane): the Eggo's and the Senn 250 noise cancelling. I need an amp, especially for the Senns. It has to be small and sound good -- I can be picky about music sound. I am thinking that I can choose among the Altioids CHA47 (made by JMT if he is willing and able -- ie if there are still suitable boards), the Altoids CMOY (which I am pretty sure that I...
Thanks to all. It seems that there are many votes for etys but I tell yo, the 6's just irritate me. Maybe I have small canals, I don't know. So, maybe you won't mind a related question. When would the 4's be more comfortable? Also, could the Sony EX70s or the Shure 2c (did I get the number right?) be more comfortable, or am I a great candidate for a good pair of noise cancelling headphones? (The Senn 250 are looking better and better) Barry
They sound good, have an extra set of filters. I just don't find them comfortable. If you do not mind putting things in your ear, they might be right for you. I am thinking $100 delivered in these 48 states. I don't know enough about shipping charges overseas to adjusts prices for that, but am open to possibilities. Thank you Barry
I am looking for smallish headphones that I can use on an airplane, preferably without an amp, but I can be flexible. I have tried the ety6s. They sound good (maybe without enough bass) but they are not comfortable. My source is the Zen 2.0. I listen mostly to Classical and Jazz with some Rock. Do the eggos or the v6 isolate enough to avoid most of the plane sound? Any other ideas? Thank you.
I know about the difference in formats, but has anybody compared the sound quality of the two units? Care to share? Thanks.
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