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Regarding the snake oil assertion, I am wondering if Double F got his companies confused. I seem to recall another audio company with "maple" in its name that sells a variety of different tweaks and specialized wires that some may consider "snake oil" given the subjectivity associated with these kinds of tweaks. I have not heard a Mapletree Amp, but the website is certainly devoid of anything that I would consider far reaching in terms of claims or substance.
You have done something like this before. All very nice gestures and very generous! Thank you
Very Generous
This seems like one of those "duck and cover" questions to me. There is a whole school of thought that favors thin, solid core wire. And other schools look for complicated stranded cables. As for myself, I think that it may be time to drop out of school, although my experiments with single solid strand interconnects did not result in a sound that was to my liking. Good luck.
Sold him K1000 and a Cayin amp. After some PMs to work out the arrangement, we met did the sale. He is a good communicator and followed through.
Here are pictures. I can email less compressed images if you would like to see them Thank you Barry
These are in excellent shape. Sounds great and no cosmetic blemishes that I can see. They come with the light colored wood box, original packing, the original wires, converter to regular headphone jack, and an additional extension wire. Pictures are available and are included in next post. Price is $1150 plus shipping. SOLD Thank you Barry
You might think about the audio technica cm700 buds. They are skewed towards the high end of the frequency spectrum. While your dad probably does hear well, many middle aged and older folks have high frequency loss. Symptoms include not hearing well in busy restaurants or ringing in the ear.
I wish that I was as smart as you are about exploring and choosing among alternative directions. Most of my education and career choices were opportunistic and somewhat accidental. I regret that I did little to be systematic and reflective of what would best meet my objectives. I don't have suggestions about which specfic topic, but I do have some thoughts about how you might choose. First, think about the subjects that you are most interested in- this is obviously...
I had the previous version of the Classic and while it was clean sounding, it just did not sound like music to me. The Sony was more engaging. The question that I have is how you separated the effect of the EQ from the Amp. Is it not possible that some of the "enhancement" of the Sony came from the amp and not the eq? Or that the combination of the two matter?
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