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Thank you
What and where is ACS please?
Bump.  Would not mind a trade plus or minus dollars for a decent usb dac.   Thank you.
I will post a picture later, but these are well built, very detailed earbuds.  I will sell them shipped in the US for $70.  I believe that retail for these is $139.   Thank you,   Barry
Title says it all, except that I do not have the headphones.  In very very good condition.   No international shipping.   Thank you.
Well, I have a pair of shahinian obelisks, which I believe qualifies as a radial speaker and I love them. More realistic and less hi fi than many more traditional speakers. I have not heard Ohm speakers in a zillion years, but liked them back in the day. There are just not too many examples out in stores. Maggies are not quite the same, but the backwave does extend the realism of the music, compared to live, especially for acoustically generated music.
OK. Now I am confused.
According to my audiologist, another significant risk with using q tips to clean out the wax is that the swab can actually push the wax deeper into your ear and repeated use can thicken and impact the wax. Makes sense, but I have never had that happen and I have used q tips often. Then again, I do not produce very much wax so YMMV.
I do not recall what my audiologist charged, but it was more than $20. I do have some ideas. First, some Costco stores have a hearing aid section and I believe that they also do hearing tests. I know of more than one person who has had a good experience at Costco. Also, you might have a school of audiology in your area and they may have a sliding fee clinic as part of the training opportunity for their students. They are supervised by bona fide audiologists so it may...
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