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I just looked up Swimsonny's review of the XBA-2.  This sentence started his conclusion. "As their first line of earphones with BA drivers I am really rather impressed and although my other dual Bas are better these are actually rather enjoyable and do deliver a good bassy sound. " Do you think that he did not believe what he wrote?  I have the XBA-2's and while they may not be the best IEMs on the planet, I agree with Swimsonny's review.  I rather like them, wishing for a...
I appreciate the question, but I am not interested in trades. Best regards,, Barry
This is number 454 and comes with the original "pizza" box signed by John Grado.  It has the famous Head F1 typo.  In great shape, just as I received it.     Barry
The listing appears to be a fund raising effort to benefit ASPCA.  Not such a bad idea.
This DAP is in new condition,  I have the box, the  original earphones, and 2 charge/file transfer cables.  It works perfectly.  It looks perfect. I have had the DAP for about 8 months.  It has been used lightly.  Really.  Getting rid of stuff; I can use the cash.   Please check my feedback thread within my profile.  I apologize for the photos.  I just stink at photography.  The unit is as described, however   Thanks for looking.  Hope it fits your...
The price at Buy.com has changed back to 279.  Timing is everything.
Before you jump to conclusions, perhaps a visit to a physician or, better yet, an audiologist is in order.  You may be losing hearing, or maybe there is wax or some other obstruction.  An audiologist can provide objective information about your hearing and your options.   Good luck.
In the spirit of recent posts, I am seeking to cheat on my mainstay IEMs - Shure 530s.  I don't think Shure would mind - while she is reasonably sensitive, I do not sense a great deal of emotion.  I am thinking hard about either the Monster Gold vs the Copper.  I have heard the Copper at a local store - World Wide Stereo, but they did not have a Gold for audition.   Is there anybody in the Philadelphia area that have the Golds and would not mind giving me a...
on the other hand, why else try to be witty....  
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