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I personally don't like the way grado's sound with them on. It makes them sound pretty thin. Pull your drivers a little away from your ears and you'll see what i'm talking about. If comfort is your thing and you really like the sound of Grado's, then I might consider that.. or go with another headphone.
headsets are headphones with microphones attached. Headphones will give you better sound quality because the people building headsets don't really care that much about sound quality. $300 is a great budget. You can get a really nice set-up for that much. You can get a nice set of headphones + an amp and be set for a very very long time. What kind of music do you listen to?
I can't wait to start reading some impressions. I'm really itching for something with K1000 like sound stage but not the K1000 collector's item price.
Do they need to be a headset? If not, then I wouldn't choose any that you have listed. What is your budget? We can work from there. If they need to be in headset form, you aren't likely to get any recommendations from us as those tend to be very low quality in terms of sound. Off the top of my head, you're probably looking at Audio Technica A700, Sennheiser HD595, etc.
I got these. I am REALLY impressed with their quality. Solidly built and looks great. Really cheap too. It was well worth it and I don't think I can find a better deal. Here are they on my amp.
Sometimes I get that with my cmoy if my batteries are really low, but they'll typically die not too long after that. Do your batteries have full charge? Also, if it sounds like a rattle, it may be a hair stuck inside your headphones. Typically hairs inside headphones make themselves apparent at low frequencies. If not, then it is likely there is something up with your amp or source. Either way, I wouldn't give up on the 555's. They shouldn't be distorting.
The way I see it, the preference of headphones for one type of music over another is due to mood. The mood that you are in when you want to hear hard rock is different than the times you want to listen to soft jazz. Thus, your taste in headphones will change depending on how you feel, and your taste in music also changes. All high end headphones reproduce sound extremely well when compared to the uninitiated before, and there can only be so much differentiation between...
Actually, you can blame TnT He made a mistake in his parenthesis. Sq. Root of: (50 x 2)x8 would mean sqrt(50 * 2) * 8 = 80. The proper way of square rooting "all numbers" is Sq. Root of: (50 x 2 x 8) >> sqrt(50 * 2 * 8) = 28.284271V Just goes to show what a little typo can do
It's too bad you are only looking for in production headphones. The K1000's fit the bill perfectly.
You can always get one of those RealDolls.
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