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If you're looking for something that goes well with hip hop and R&B, I'd go with the 5's. They sound great unamped and have strong bass response.
How about a retainer case
Headphone store in Atlanta? (looking to audition K701, DT990, SR-325, SA5000) In typical head-fi manner, I ended up buying used RS-2's instead which set me even deeper down the slippery slope.
It's pretty hard. They're molded right into the plastic, but people have done it with much headache. It's not like the plastic is a shell, the plastic was melted and then formed around the plugs.
If you are willing to go down to atlanta, check out audio alternative. They have all the Grados, and when I went down there, they put me in a listening room on my own with an NAD CD player, an amp, and a hanger of all the Grado models. The closed the door and said come out whenever you want. It was great. I went there thinking about getting 325i's, i ended up getting RS-2s. Great service.
How about fabric dye? I have a feeling that'll work better than hair dye.
The RSA and Zin use pretty advanced design when compared to the CMOY. As other's have said, there is no way to make a CMOY sound better than those due to inherent design traits. There are a number of designs out there such as the Mini^3, PPA, or Pimeta. These are going to be a little more involved in construction than a CMOY.
Yeah, pretty common knowledge I thought..... For an interesting exercise, calculate the resistance of silver vs copper cables and you will see that it has practically no impact at all. Also, think about the traces on your circuit boards, how thin they are, and how much resistance those would have compared to the cable. You'll realize that with this information, resistance based on geometry has no impact at all.
For #2 you might find this link useful: It's pretty much along the same lines as monolith's excellent example. You should have enough info for it.
Hope this is correct Then use Q = C*V E = 1/2 C*V^2 to answer the rest of the question
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