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yeah, grado should bring back the HP series or PS style construction. I think those would sell like hotcakes even if they don't have the same drivers as the originals. Like a PS style body with RS drivers would be amazing.
Quote: Originally Posted by ronin74 So I guess you'll be too busy to help me with this: :O are you putting that together? I actually haven't dealt too much with piston engines so it's super interesting to me. Who makes the engine? # Cylinders? etc? Nothing like some engine p**n Quote: Originally Posted by chesebert GL on JPL, there is nothing like JPL I was rejected when I applied....very depressed for the longest time...
Actually I'm still waiting on JPL. They hadn't gotten back to me, but I figured I like aircraft engines better anyways. Plus the job is going to pay for my masters and stuff. Oh well Thanks for the 'congrats'! It's really a pretty exciting time right now. Man... a STAX lambda system is looking pretty doable in a few months..... Must... resist...
Quote: Originally Posted by GlorytheWiz825 Congrats! Designing aircraft engines? That sounds pretty advanced. Did you study mechanical/electrical engineering in school? I'm finishing up my Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering right now (graduating December). I'll probably be working on current engines that are on the airplanes you fly such as those on Boeings and Airbuses trying to make them more efficient and whatnot. I haven't gotten my...
Really? I really like the bread in Japan. But now that I think about it, there aren't too many whole grain, country style breads for sale. Those bread stores are delicious though, with their unique concoctions.
I'm just about to send in my offer acceptance forms. I'll be pretty much doing my dream job, designing aircraft engines. If anyone is from Cincinnati, any suggestions on things to do, places to live, etc are greatly welcome. I hope I don't get beat up too badly from being from U of M Time to go out to the real world O_O *sorry for the self-serving thread, but I'm just so relieved.
Darn, I was really hoping for these to be amazing.
Shipping was really reasonable. I don't quite remember.
If your aren't using Excel 2007 data > text to columns>delimited and choose space, comma i'm not familiar with 2007 to tell you what menus
Quote: Originally Posted by Chiliman Ok, I think I will get a french press sometime soon. What about a grinder, is there a good cheap model that I can get? Any beginner "sets" that you guys could recommend?. In my opinion, you don't really need a burr type grinder. A nice blade grinder will set you back about $20-30. Your grind won't be as precise, but it's a heck of a lot better than spending your money on a really nice grinder (when you're on a...
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