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Water and a glass of milk.
Had this a few hours ago. Nice way to relax while doing homework Now.. just water
Yeah, you really should go see a doctor. Playing headphones at levels that loud will lead to permanent hearing damage quite quickly. Don't try to act "tough" either... everyone's ear is just as prone to damage as someone else's.... No way to train your ears to be strong, just more deaf.
Man, you need to capitalize and put spaces between sentences! It's going to be hard getting responses from members to something this hard to read. Anyways, what are you driving them out of? If you want loud, you'll need a good amplifier circuit driving them unless you go with very sensitive headphones.
What I used to do to hall-mates not too keen on computers is do a print screen of their desktop. Then I'd set that as their desktop background and hide the icons in a folder dragged to the corner of the screen. Then unlock the taskbar, minimize it and watch their frustration as they try to click on something.
dark chocolate covered raisins mmmm sinful
Hehe I'm in no place to make any recommendations, but an office with a view certainly sounds tempting!
Quote: Originally Posted by chris downing So I take it your working for GE then. I live north of there, Probably about ten miles north of GE and Kings island is about ten minutes from my house, and I'm currently going to the University of Cincinnati for Mechanical Engineering Yup Any suggestions on places to live? Oh yeah, I get to choose between OSU and UC for my masters. I'm going to go for aero. Do you like UC?
genmay is pretty busy too.
Well Jessica Alba has taste. Oh man... That just makes her so much more sexy .....
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