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Who needs boards Why don't you just go P2P? Sure it's more time consuming, but you aren't limited by form and you feel more accomplishment when it works
It's non-fiction but it's so wild that it might as well be fiction. I, like you, don't really care for much non-fiction but this was a page turner. His writing is excellent. "The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat" Oliver Sacks From a review in amazon: "It is utterly fascinating to know that, as a result of a neurological condition, a man can actually mistake his wife for a hat and not realize it. It is also fascinating to learn that a stroke can leave a person with the...
I'm wondering, if you assume steady state, wouldn't the voltage drop across the middle 8F cap be 0 and then we can disregard it? This then just becomes 2 sets of 2 caps in series in parallel. I'm going to ask around to see if any of my friends can figure it out.
Yeah, i'm not too much of a fan of Rolex myself. I'll take a Dornbluth & Sohn any day over a Daytona. from: http://www.chronomania.net/contenus/...dornbluth.html Absolutely stunning movement, and a beautiful watch overall. Maybe one day......
Looks kinda like a wheatstone bridge circuit with caps in place of resistors.... interesting....
It was either white or black
darn, I'm shopping for a 6922 pair right now, but these are just too far above my budget. Good luck with the sale! Great tubes for a really good price.
Hope I win, today is my birthday
Quote: Originally Posted by no1likesme I just tried some of my roommate's sam adams hallertau imperial pilsner and WOW!!! I think I just found the most disgusting beer ever. I would honestly rather drink pabst blue ribbon. WAY TOO BITTER. Tastes like someone ground up some asprin and dumped it into the beer. (to be fair I tend to like darker ales as I prefer a sweeter beer) Hmmm I'll have to give it a shot One of my favorites is Hop...
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