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Quote: Originally Posted by monolith The other question is about music. There's a bit of a montage type thing towards the end where they show the various people listening to their systems. There's a symphony playing over the whole sequence, and I'd like to know what piece that is, if anyone recognises it. You know... it's in the credits. It's the first movement of last classical piece they list.
Well, I was really looking forward to Chiunify (the big headphone meet coming up in November), but I just realized it's the same day as the Ohio State v. Michigan game.... I've got my student ticket that's pretty close to the action (row 4). However, I'm not really THAT into football (only going to about 1/2 of the home games and don't watch on TV). I have some doubts as to my team's ability to win this year since we had an oh-so-horrible season state. This is my last...
Also, try plugging your amp into different outlets. I was having the same trouble, and I found that it was a ground loop problem.
I'd just file it.
I was thrown off that it was capacitors instead of resistors. Is this circuit (as shown by OP) useful for anything?
Quote: Originally Posted by physh So are you saying that amping from the headphone jack on the ipod dosn't do anything (or not much?) So does using a line out dock bypass the internal amp, so that the external amp does do something? Becasue I'm getting plenty enough volume from my ipod, I'm just wondering where the bottleneck is and how to make my setup better. You might get enough volume, but the QUALITY of that amplified signal isn't going to...
Yeah, I was going to wait for the boards to come out for my current amp. However, I was like "ah screw it" and just did it P2P. It was a pretty rewarding experience and it wasn't THAT bad. Plus it looks way cooler.
I was really skeptical of an amp when I first started too. I mean, as long as you have the volume it's fine right??? Sony/Apple/etc know their electronics don't they? Well.. not exactly. Most equipment manufacturers in stereos add the amplification circuit as an afterthought, and most source components with a plug type jack output don't really care about the audio quality. (ie your PC, iPod, etc) They know most consumers wouldn't notice the difference as long as the...
The sennheisers and AKG's are open back also, so people will be able to hear what you are listening to. What I would do is go with maybe a Denon D1000 or Beyerdynamic DT770 or Audio-Technica A900 if closed is important to you. Someone on the forums can help you out picking among these depending on the sound signature. I do not have extensive enough experience with them. With the remaining funds I would get an amp. A nice desktop amp should be around $100 - 200. A...
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