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Well, it's great to see that there are a decent number of people attending. Is there anyone who can take the reigns as the arranger? I an finishing up my last semester here. I just got a job so I'm working on arranging that stuff (relocation, paperwork, etc) and won't be able to responsibly arrange anything. I'm really sorry. Of course, if any students want to just come over and hang out at my apartment we can do a casual mini-meet anytime. I live on north campus in...
Grado is the best
Oh boy..... it hurts
Maybe some's? You'll find the er6i's too lean.
Bottom right, Archimede Pilot?
Thanks for all the info, it's quite reassuring!
To add on to the abundance of recent electrostatic threads, I've got a question on the lifespan of electrostatic headphones. I am assuming they will last indefinitely assuming proper care, but I'd like to make sure before I start considering a Lambda system. I currently use headphones 6-8 hours a day so the electrostatics would be experiencing use on that level. What are your thoughts?
^ that's good to know, cause I definitely don't baby my ER-4P's.
Any cable will wear over time. I used my Grado's for 3 years before it started having issues. *shrug* just ended up recabling it myself. Any respectable headphone company will at least have a repair service if you handle your gear roughly. The etymotic ER-4p also have replaceable cables. (i'm sure there are others but that's all i know in your price range other than the SF5)
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