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My Etymotic cable crapped out (L channel by the connector to driver) after 4 years of dutiful service. I understand Etymotic will replace them for $50, but I was wondering if anyone would have one (used, apuresound, whatever works) they're willing to sell for less than that.    Thanks! We can work on me shipping my worn cable if interested.   You can check my feedback on ebay under pollolocol
Another young one here. I'll try to make it and bring what's in my profile. I would love to hear others' Bijous and how much better they are than mine!
^ age shouldn't matter at all. No need to feel weird.
I'd be up for a meet. I'm in Cincinnati so I'd prefer a location closer to there. I can bring the stuff in my profile.
Do they need to be full size headphones? I use the Sennheiser MX75 for running and they are perfect. Since they are earbuds, they don't have much isolation.
Heck, I'd wear it. I'm confident enough in my own sexual identity that I don't really worry about how others see me... I think the hello kitty shirt is kinda cool/unique myself. It seems like Americans are too concerned about looks and how it ties in with your identity. Clothes are just clothes, and if one person things something is cooler than something else, it does not mean he (or she) is feminine (or masculine).
They are quite efficient. Impedance isn't quite everything when it comes to driving headphones. Sensitivity is also a factor and the KSC 75's have a slightly higher sensitivity rating than Grado's. From personal experience, I find the KSC75's more easily driven than my Grado's. You should give them a shot! Even if they are technically inferior to the headphones in your signature, they are a very fun pair. Sometimes I find myself putting them on in lieu of my other...
Quote: Originally Posted by dBel84 which transformer did you use? I know that runeight's amp runs hot but this is because the transformer was "underrated" for the necessary current requirements. The 270 DAX was chosen for it's higher rating. Mine gets warm, not unlike any of my other tube amps..dB I'm using the recommended 270 DAX.
I have to say I am very happy with the performance of this amp. I built it P2P a few months ago and have been using it as my main amp. The transformer DOES get pretty warm and sometimes makes a high pitch whine (not in the headphone output, but physically) if it's been left on for a few hours. (I THINK it's the transformer). Anyways, anyone building this amp should be very happy with the sound.
I had both and ended up selling the W1000. The RS2 just does almost everything better. IMO the W1000 has better soundstage, but the bass isn't as punchy and the mids are kind of ... strange.
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