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 I, too, started with the Pono, which I continue to love. It's beguiling musicality is in my experience unique among portable devices. In general, I think one of the challenges in this hobby is making meaningful distinctions between sound and music, and one of the interesting things about Charlie Hansen is that he has thought a lot about making stuff that plays music, not just reproduces sound. Having said that, for me the Codex is just as engaging as the Pono, but offers...
I can confirm that the Codex sounds great out of the box and then gets really bad. Don't be alarmed. It takes more patience than most, but it's a documented phenomenon.
Thanks Jeff. I'm finding that the sound keeps changing pretty dramatically over the first 250 hours.
 What is your impression of the unit before break in? What frequencies are you equalizing? (I have found the first 200 hours pretty rough with my Codex, honestly.)
I called.
Spoke to Alex Brinkman at Ayre this morning, who was funny and cool, and who confirmed that 1) the chip in the Codex is the ESS ES9018K2M, not the plain 9018, and that 2) it is perfectly normal that my Codex, which has about 180 hours on it currently, is still sounding steely, bright and way worse than my Pono Player's line out. He said that the unit sounds amazing out of the box and then begins sounding much worse, which mirrors my experience perfectly. He said 500 hours...
Interesting! How did you like the Focus Pad A compared to the stock pads? And, yes, the 400S is an incredible headphone, and not just for the price. For 3 years I lived with a HD800 powered by several expensive triode tube amps, and I prefer the 400S with a Pono Player. (I also prefer the 400S to the AT 3000ANV and the HD650, both of which I still own.) The HD800 is a great sounding headphone that is lousy at playing music. The older I get, the more I am convinced that the...
I've listened for about 3 weeks with the Focus pads, and wanted to share my impressions.    I'm powering the 400S through the balanced outputs of a Pono Player. The cable is a Wireworld Pulse Nano that the manufacturer terminated for Pono balanced (2 3.5" plugs) on one end and the 400S on the other. The grills are off (which to my ears increased detail and ambiance without any penalties). The other source is an Ayre Codex. I listen mostly to jazz, rock, pop, and assorted...
I've been listening to the Codex through a Senn HD650 terminated with a Cardas 4-pin XLR balanced cable and Cardas XLR-to-Pono adapter. Also listening through speakers: Codex > Shindo Aurieges > Shindo Montille >  Tannoy Arden. Cables by Wireworld and Auditorium 23.
Well, bought a Codex this weekend. Lots of warnings about 300 hour break in from the dealer. Sounded incredible after 10 hours, but a little wooly. After 25 hours or so, the sound became more clear but also more plasticky and glassy, i.e. more typically digital. So a step back for now. Can anyone comment on break in with the Codex?
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