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Thanks, oldudde. I have the same issue as you, the volume jumps are too large. It seems like this would be an easy firmware fix, but I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software setting.
I AM going balanced.
Hey, does anyone know if there's any planned firmware fix (or something I'm overlooking) for making the volume increments on the Pono Player smaller? Running my phones in balanced mode, I get to my preferred loudness at about 3 o'clock. I'd love to be able to have more volume settings to play with. Anyone know a solution?
I completely stopped listening to the ifi Micro iDSD after getting the Pono. Of course the ifi does many more things, but for me the Pono not only sounds far more engaging, musical and transparent, but it also just makes me want to listen to music in a way that few components ever have. The iDSD is going up for sale.
Really? You could do a little, you know, reading about it. There's no lack of info out there on the intertubes. Like, for example, on this thread.
Ah, okay, understood. I could have saved myself some serious $$$$, too, but this hobby sometimes involves lots of trial and error, no?
Wait, how could I have saved anyone any $$$$ with what information? 
Just wanted to say that this has become my favorite headphone, and that it pairs magically with the Pono Player. I'm enjoying the combo more than I did the W3000 with a DNA Sonett 2/Havana DAC rig, which was outfitted with expensive 50-year-old tubes and fancy ICs and power cords. The W3000 with the PP just plays the tune, more engagingly and movingly than any cans I've heard, and its reasonably portable.
Hey Army-Firedawg, unit #6 was mailed to you earlier this week. Sorry for being slow on the draw.  More on the headphones soon.
received unit #6... excited to give them a whirl
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