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Subbed. would like to be at the next meet. Just found out this meet happened today
yeah, im super impressed with the connectivity and whatnot that the X3 has to offer but the UI so far has been a complete joke. list-style interface was far more preferable to this boxy thing, though thats not a huge dealbreaker with me. I actually just bought a 7500mah battery for my galaxy S3 so its basically a brick now with 3 days of battery life. no amp-strapping for me lol Generally i listen to 1 album at a time so its not a huge deal but for longer drives i prefer...
honestly, there are plenty of
here's a question: How do i listen to all tracks from 1 artist? like lests say i have 4 daft punk albums. how do i listen to all songs from them on shuffle? theres no option to do this in category mode, you HAVE to use category mode the exact same as you use browse mode now. was this not thought through or what? i mean fiio definitely improved the id3 tag support and the file numbering thing, but they seem to have done this by simply remove the entire menu that actually...
im moving to san ramon so no more meetup for me. maybe out there instead.
Theres a monthly meetup for SMAC (southeast michigan audio club). their home boards are audiokarma, if you're interested. They simply have 1 volunteer set a date for the month and they have the meet at his place. at that point, everyone can either bring their own equipment or enjoy just what he has. its a basic barbeque setup, though they let people know what kind of equipment they'll be listening to and what songs they'll demo on the equipment. Generally its just like...
So bring your father's or don't show up. This is exactly what I was talking about. You cant please everyone, just set a date and see who shows up.
Honestly this has been going on for so long that I think it's a better idea to make it a small house party, get people on an invite list that can actually bring gear, and schedule it. Whoever can make it, will. Whoever can't can't. Put a cutoff date on the poll at least.
i think we all need to stop with the "i'll definitely show up". First of all, we need someone to commit to a certain date and a certain location. After that is set up, we can take a poll on who will or wont be there, set up an entrance fee (to help pay for food/rental facility) and see what happens. If someone owns a house, just have the get together there. There wont be more than 20 people showing up.
There was another guy in this thread that used a microSD -> SD ribbon adapter and managed to get an internal 128GB SD card working perfectly. It was still slow in terms of read/write (no usb3, about 4-8 MB/s transfer rates) but it worked without a hitch.I figure these new 128GB ones will be plug and play, assuming you can format them correctly.
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