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Looks nice
Wow is that actually a name or did you sneeze when you typed that out? HAHAHA
Here is my setup now:   iPod 5.5G DiyMOD 120GB running Rockbox Headamp Pico Amp/DAC Westone 4 Hippocase to hold it all, but sometimes i go without it.               
Jack Johnson - "Better Together"   David Weckl - "Cultural Concurrence"   Michael Hedges - "The Jealous Tunnel - About Face"   Bill Evens Trio - "Israel"   Primus - "Tommy the Cat"   John Williams - "Star Wars Opening theme from Return of the Jedi"        These are my Go to songs to test my new phones. 
Looking to test out some different tips for my 4's, please let me know what you have. Since I'm just testing at the moment, don't want to buy more than 1-2 pairs of each different type.    Thank you. 
Coral Springs here
JP and Tyrion know ill be there =) 
60 shipped for today. 
$60 plus shipping.
Price drop, will take $65 + shipping
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