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Ill bite, ill take em...
i5-750 (3.2ghz turbo)  8GB 1333mhz Ram Gskill Ripsaw x 2x250GB WD SATA HD and Seagate SATA AMD/ATI Radeon 7570 1GB video card (upgraded from GT220) Thermal Take 750w PSU (Upgraded from 350w)  Windows 7 Home premium Its a solid machine. Never had any worries with it at all. Will format and fresh install windows.   325$ + shipping.
pm replied
Looking to sell my Headroom Micro DAC. Great little device and has served me well. Times are tough, need some money for bills/rent as im unemployed right now.    Will come with the Astrodyne PSU.    Just the DAC/PSU included, DPS is sold. 
I have my Shure SE535 up for sale. Times are getting tougher and need to pay rent/bills.    These are less than a year old. I got them as a replacement for my SE500s that started to go on me.    I have the inserts (used ones were from my SE500), including some foam with the screen in them. Also have the PTH unit that came with the SE500 when i bought them. Will also include a nice zipper Shure pouch to carry it all in. These sound great, would love to keep them,...
Looking for a home guys
Time are tough guys and i need to let go of some gear to make my rent/bills this month.   I also have the Headroom Desktop Power supply that will power the Amp and the DAC, with Cabling.    To round it all off, i have the Headroom Micro DAC. Great unit, very small footprint. I really enjoy the source for many years. Time that someone else can enjoy it.    Im thinking $360 OBO for the whole setup, with the DAC and power supply. Toss me an offer, pls no low...
AMP is sold, have the DPS and the DAC still if anyone is interested. 
Thanks Tyll, really really hate to let it go. Its one of the best amps ive owned. 
price drop bump
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