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Looking to test out some different tips for my 4's, please let me know what you have. Since I'm just testing at the moment, don't want to buy more than 1-2 pairs of each different type.    Thank you. 
Coral Springs here
JP and Tyrion know ill be there =) 
60 shipped for today. 
$60 plus shipping.
Price drop, will take $65 + shipping
Just got these to hold me over till i decided what i want. They are in PERFECT shape. I broke them in with some pink noise and have put about 10 hours worth of listening through them.    I will include as a free gift a small 9v powered Crossroads (Jaben) . Its small and very easy to attach to you player via velcro or something. It gives the HD555 a little more umph!   Pics to come or upon request.    For trades: Looking for some short interconnects, an ipod classic...
Do you have any pics to just see condition?   These have the velour pads right?   Thanks
Ill bite, ill take em...
i5-750 (3.2ghz turbo)  8GB 1333mhz Ram Gskill Ripsaw x 2x250GB WD SATA HD and Seagate SATA AMD/ATI Radeon 7570 1GB video card (upgraded from GT220) Thermal Take 750w PSU (Upgraded from 350w)  Windows 7 Home premium Its a solid machine. Never had any worries with it at all. Will format and fresh install windows.   325$ + shipping.
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