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I'll be arriving early in the afternoon. Excited to check out everyone's stuff!
Hello all,   In advance: I apologize if this has been discussed before. I did my best to search around on Google & Head-fi, but the discussion on this has been sparse--at least in my findings.  I'm going to be picking up an Oppo HA-1 and I currently have an AD2000 with a dual 3 pin balanced connection. Is there a readily available part to convert the dual 3 pin male XLR pins at the end of my AD2000 headphone cable to a single 4 pin male (so, an adapter that would be...
I would also like to attend. I can bring a Audio Technica AD2000 (balanced), Denon D2000, KEF M500, Cayin C5, Fiio X3 2nd Gen, EMU 0404 USB, Little Dot MK1, and a Go-Vibe V6.
I'm not seeing the sale. Could you link for the $70 deal?
I'm glad to read this. As of late, I've also had difficulty communicating with Brian. I sent him a pair of D2000s and ES7s in late April. In the past few weeks, I've emailed him at the end of each week (as well as one facebook message) & have yet to hear a response by him. I am becoming a little worried, but I'll give him benefit of the doubt before sounding the alarm. I believe he's just starting college; he's a young guy & these things happen. We are, as I've realized,...
bump! Send me some offers!
BUMP, HD280 pending. HD555 still for grabs, send me offers!
Hey everyone, long time since I've posted here. Here's what I got-   Sennheiser HD555- For sale are some Sennheiser HD555, these are excellent headphones at a very reasonable price. They haven't been used for quite a while but are in good shape, with only a little paint worn off on the sides.   70 + shipping   Sennheiser HD280 Pro- These have only been used a few times. Very nice closed...
Have you considered sending it to Lawton Audio to be modded?
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