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So it seems like my AKG K 81 DJ's are slowly giving up un me. First I had to rewire one of the phones since the cable was disconnecting inside, and now it seems that the other end doesnt work. Havent done this before and im looking into possibly just buying a cable that could be "pre-made" where I can just wire both ends to the cans. If not, what would be the simplest way to do it? Thanks
I have a generic PC speakers that have 2 outputs, one for headphones and another  for something else, not sure what it is.     So I want them to hook up to a subboffer, but Im not sure how, and every way i tried havent worked.  Heres the back of a Sub. It comes with a speaker as well     The only combination that I managed to make it work is when I connect the Sub straight to the PC (which works fine with the included one speaker) and add a portable...
I wander if the portable amp would work? those small ones you can buy to hook up for your portable mp3 player..
yea i think its a passive sub, and the speakers are small ones and most likely need a sub that would be independently powered. Is there  way to wire the sub i have to give it external power? 
I have a subwoofer speaker(taken from home theatre system like this one) it has 2 small holes in the back where you're suppose to stick the wires in, but Id like to hook it up to my computer speakers that have a regular 3.5mm jack output for subwoofers. Is there a cable i can buy/make to connect these two? I would assume it would also need to connect to some power source since the subwoofer doesnt have an output for that.
audio-technica ATH-M35...seems pretty cool see them here Audio-Technica - Microphones, headphones, wireless microphone systems, noise-cancelling headphones & more : ATH-M35 : Closed-back Dynamic Stereo Monitor Headphones
any more suggestions?
im plugging them into into my computer, for inside and maybe occasional outside use. its just I think that the sound doesn't reach its full potential in akj's...
Ok, so I have my akj's for about a year now, and while they sound pretty decent I keep wandering about audio-technica ATH-M35 that my friend has(i haven't listened to them just yet) or AKG 240S for that matter... Does anybody know the sound differences in them compared to 81's?
what do u guys think?
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